weekend update: mostly food

I finally didn't have to work/go out of town, so I had the full, glorious, weekend I've been dreaming of.

It included lots of food, many friends, and several babes.
Said babes. Ryland (balancing a grape on his head, left) & Natalie (straight cheesin', right)
Saturday night I got to break out my baby Crock-Pot for the first time, and try my hand at a game day dip while the Vols played Vanderbilt. I made "cheeseburger dip" [I guess]. I'd give myself a C for creativity and an A for crowd-pleasing. 
Hunter very diligently prepared soup for all of our buddies that joined! Here's the end result of him going to town on some cilantro.
the guys really enjoyed the game
Whitley, Andrea & I talked about blogging and Ryan Gosling and stuff Untitled

Sunday we finally got to use the fancy brunch Groupon to Sperry's Hunter bought a few months ago (expiration date: Sunday). I've been craving orange juice for a few weeks now so this was the best orange juice of all time. Oh, also brunch was really lovely. I had a Belgian waffle and Huntee had Eggs Benedict! Oh we fancy huh?

Today, alas, is a Monday that's basically a Wednesday afternoon (with only 2.5 days of work before the festivities begin). I've already managed to cut a hole in my tights and miss a meeting completely. Also- it's SNOWING in Nashville! And super freezing cold! So if you're looking for me tonight I'll be in bed with Season 3 of The O.C. that arrived in my mailbox Thursday afternoon.

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