a thaaaanksgiving

I flew back into Nashville last night and hit the ground running- back to work after a full week off [I wasn't supposed to have a week off, but due to a deathly illness, I did!]

I didn't know for sure that spending Thanksgiving at home was in the budget for me, nor what combinations of my family would even be at home (5/9, if you like numbers).

I'll save the rest of the cliches for my journal and just say; thankful that I like my family as much as I do. Thankful I got to see some of my best girls (and miss the other two!). 

Maybe it took moving away to realize that home never gets old. NorCal in my <3 forevs!
Untitledloved hanging with the great great Merriweather girls (and planning a sister weekend, soon?)
just that classic Finnish table fanfare
some family Thanksgiving pics, nbd
Tuppy is trying out for Shrek: The Musical (for donkey) in January, and I am going to see it! 
managed to see in person, Skype, or email every member of my family during the holiday
we played some Apples to Apples & Balderdash, Mom got "bogus" HA
post-turkey: lots of cuddling (some forced) and pumpkin pie breakfast with my girllll Jacqui
NorCal, take me back!
Pappu girls in baseball caps, standard
standard Black Friday hike. the weather in NorCal was unreal
commence SF adventures! I love that city and I adore my sister, she walked me to death
we tried to win show tickets through the lotto twice, to no avail
Carina took me to the most amazing bakery where we had pumpkin-filled pastries. brb, dying
Saturday night I got to hang with Katie, Steph, & my sisters. I kept saying "I feel like it's my birthday party!" Which got seriously misconstrued and I got made fun of, but I meant because I was hanging out with almost all my favorites on this earth.

Ok, this is a fun & crazy time of year. Though if I were still in school, life would end in about a week when finals were over. As an adult, I'm taking an extra push to make it to the next holiday! Crazy times indeed. I'm off to the Preds game tonight! Thanks for reading, friends!


Alissa said...

What a fun Thanksgiving. We can survive finals right? So much sleep after!

Andrea Fer said...

oh gosh you had so much fun!! good!! I'm glad you deserve it!

Andrea Fer

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

It sounds like you had a great holiday back in NorCal! I don't realize how much I miss it until I go back for Christmas. Glad you had such a nice time and got to see so many loved ones :)
Exploring My Style

Brittney said...

You guys look so cute in the group pic! I also love myself a game of Apples to Apples, or the wonderfully wicked Cards against Humanity.



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