brickin' cold

brooch- super old, sweatshirt- Old Navy, skirt- H&M, tights- Target, boots- Breckelles via Amazon, jacket- ON, scarf, ON

Ok, let's talk about the weather. I'm not so much complaining about how cold it is as I am explaining that this California girl is just lost. I mean, what am I supposed to put on in the morning when it is TWELVE degrees outside?! That's not even in the "teens", that's a disgruntled pre-teen that's just wishing. Here's some perspective: prior to coming to TN, the coldest weather I had ever actively existed in whilst in the Bay Area was somewhere in the 40's. This is a huge drop. 

So on a day like today, or this day back in [these pictures are old] all I can think is layer layer and add every cold-weather accessory I can think of. I've been wearing a lot of scarves lately, which is great! I'm amazed at how much warmth they add. This also aids in my quest to really "wear out" my closet, otherwise my scarves just sit around. 

I've had my eye on a coat like this FOREVS and finally landed one. I've been living in it. It seems so much warmer than my other coats, I love the fur on the hood, and it seems much more relaxed than a wool/peacoat. I do wish it was fur-lined, but otherwise it's very warm!
Since I moved I've been very lazy about jewelry. Unless I actually put some thought into it, I end up wearing the same pair of studs for days! I would really like to add some more statement necklaces to my jewelers closet. In the meantime, I'm making use of random pieces I might have sitting around. Like this pin, which I can say (but not confidently) came on a sweater that my sister Carina bought in high school maybe from Express? Correct me if I'm wrong sis.

P.S. Kelley took these pictures for me outside my office!

I hope everyone is enjoying the week so far and staying cozy wherever you are//wherever you're from! 

And i SUPER appreciate the support and kind words on my last post! 


a sweet world said...

Cute dress!! You look awesome!!

Please, do open the link below and click on the Sheinside banner at the top of the page.


Akshara Vivekananthan said...

I'm with you on finding a warmer coat versus the traditional wool/peacoat- you need one during this type of weather for sure. The color of yours is so pretty! I love how your lipstick color and skirt compliment each other too, nice touch! :) Stay warm my friend! It's -2 over here and I'm like "Hurry Up Spring!!!"

Lauren Loeffel said...

This cold weather is driving me crazy! I'm not cut out for this haha! And Tennessee has such bipolar weather anyway. I mean, Sunday we were playing outside! Then yesterday it snows! What gives? ;) I love your outfit!

Andrea Fer said...

I can't even handle this cold weather...I carry my fleece snuggie around like a 4 yeard old carries a blankie. I WANT SPRINGGGG.

And I also I love that jacket...and you're right...it's a lot more casual than a peacoat/wool coat so you can have a more relaxed look!

love, love

Andrea Fer, Not Quite Grown Up Guide

The Braided Bandit said...

I feel ya girl! I am adjusting to post vacation temps, which actually haven't bee too bad in Colorado which I'm sure means we will get a ton of snow/ freezing weather soon! So much old navy goodness here, love the green coat & stay warm!
xo Hannah

Larissa said...

So pretty Priya! Here its getting cold too, but rather slowly... I love your outfit! Especially the orange skirt!
Oh and btw, I really love VSCO cam haha. Since I have it, I work on all my Instagrams with vsco cam and since I have it, I think Instagram became a looooooot more fun ;)

Lots of love!

Nataly said...

VSCOCAM!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 these pictures are gorgeous, girl! You're gorgeous!!!!! GORGEOUS!

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't sent a letter ): I owe you one xoxox

jackie jade said...

hope you survive the cold. layers are KEY when it gets this cold!
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, can't believe it's so cold! I agree scarves are important and add so much warmth! You look great :) X

Tara Honeybird said...

I love big fluffy or wooly scarves in winter! It always makes me sad when the weather warms up... So then I switch to wearing scarves around my bag or head :) Also, I just have to say I have serious eyebrow envy. That is all.

Bri Marie said...

This is such a gorgeous outfit. That coat is my new favorite thing, for real. Layer layer layer, girl!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You look so cute and cozy! That coat looks especially warm!

Unknown said...

Hi Priya!
I stumbled upon your blog I dunno how, but I wanted to tell you , you're SO BEAUTIFUL....!!!! I'm trying to figure out WHERE on earth you found those brown vintagey looking boots you wear in a lot of your shoots, theyre sooo gorgeous!!!!!! , hot and cute all at once!!! they look super comfy. I think theyre Breckelle brand. They totally look vintage and like 70s riding boots, soo cute. Congrats on everything your blog is awesome. You're just stunning. Check out my vintage shoes & stuff Etsy store!:
tonsa Love to you.

Priya said...

thank you so much! I got my Breckelles boots (with the red striped zipper) off Amazon! Hope that helps.

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