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necklace- gift from Huntee, blouse- Old Navy, belt- Wish Memphis, pants- Old Navy, flats- Report c/o Carina

Meet my new favorite pants! Lately if/when I shop, I maintain a mindset that I want to fill my closet with only things I love. Enter these beauties. I believe I was Christmas shopping (for others) at Old Navy when these caught my eye. I was totally mesmerized by the opulent emerald color & wallpaper-y texture, and I couldn't help but think they looked very Anthropologiesque. I passed them by initially but couldn't stop thinking about them the whole time I was in the store. And if that's not a sign to buy, I don't know what is!
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And then I had to try them on. I know you don't want the full sob story about how chic ankle pants never fit me because I'm short and have legs that have run, a lot, but these FIT! With a simple (non-existent) one cuff tuck-under, they are the perfect length for my shorty gams.
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Major shout-out to my little brother, Amir, who took these pictures for me while I was home. This shot is my fav because it really shows off the pants! Good eye, Mel! [Anyone have time for a really quick & cute family story? Amir's childhood/forever nickname is Marshmellow tee-hee!]
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I have to confess I bought this outfit as an entire combination. You may remember my first foray into silk blouses, I am equally obsessed with this one. It's even at the dry cleaner's now because I spilled coffee on it last week. I would really like one in every color...

Old Navy also carries several spins on the pants, I'm dying for the black tuxedo stripe pair (see Kendi wearing hers) or the black wall-paper-y ones. Run, do not walk and get thyself a pair! PSA for how much I love Old Navy, done.
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Pink lipstick courtesy of my housemate, Shelby, for a very Merry Christmas indeed! The shade is Saint Germain by M.A.C. (this girl's first M.A.C. product)! This necklace just keeps on giving (take a gander at a few ways I've worn it!). Also, please excuse my bedhead. All. The. Time!
So I'm totally sold on this combo, and would recommend both pieces to your closet. Not gonna lie, the emerald + gold combo made me feel deluxe.

Is everyone having a good week so far? Mine has actually been really great, not super busy, but I am enjoying the down-time after work. I did join the YMCA yesterday! My only plans for this weekend so far involve shelving for my room (wheeee, I am an adult) and possibly a good old Friday night out on the town. We'll see!


Andrea Fer said...

"Mel" did a great job with these pics!! THESE FAMOUS PANTS! Hah! You are obsessed with Old Navy...and with reason because I am equally obsessed! Hah!

Andrea Fer, Not Quite Grown Up Guide

Andi said...

I love these pants! I saw them at Old Navy the other day and wanted to try them on, but they didn't have my size. I ended up with the sweetheart jeans in the emerald color, so I'm still happy. AND I bought the same blouse in the hot pink. So, we are just winning at Old Navy! I was pretty excited about the crazy sale they were having and found quite a few nice items to add to my closet!

Larissa said...

WOW! Priyja, this is SO chic an beautiful! I LOVE this outfit! The green, the gold, the white. I think green white and gold is my favorite combi of all. And so cool with you pink lips with this outfit! Man, you are really super super cool and chic :)

Lots of love!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

meow! The luxe embossed pattern is so COOL!
Enter my current giveaway!

Unknown said...

the color of those jeans are great and the color of that lipstick is divine! :)

Anonymous said...

You look so great!! The colour of those trousers is SO good, I want some! Trousers never fit me either - they are always too long or not tight enough around the arse area. Shame xxx

Sonya Mann said...

you look super classy! and your eyebrows are amazing btw

Brittney said...

I've given up on trousers because either the waist fits or the thigh part fits but never both at once. I've heard that I should just size up to my waist size and get the bottom altered, so I might try that. In fact, these pants look like they could be from J.Crew. Also, tell your brother that his photography is really clear (at least there are no funky angles involved, which my sister always wants to include in our photo shoots together)!



Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Those pants are gorgeous Priya!! I'm glad you included an up close picture because those pants are such a pretty color and design. Your white blouse was the perfect match my dear!
Exploring My Style

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I can see why you love this green pants so much Priya, they look amazing on you! I love it with the pop of pink lipstick, it is the perfect finishing touch. Hahaha, I can totally relate to your shopping experience where you see something and then can't stop thinking about it until you try it on. This is probably why I am avoiding even looking through stores right now or I'll end up buying a whole lot of stuff! lol.


Elana said...

So first of all, I am so sorry that it's been so long since I've commented! I've definitely been reading, but I just haven't had a chance to comment in forever :( I'm catching up on some posts now, but I had to tell you how much I LOVE these green pants on you (who would have thought? Now I need to get a pair because these are awesome), especially with the statement necklace. I'm happy to see that things seem to going well for you! Miss you, lady!

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