of Christmases long, long ago

Ok, so not that long ago.

If anyone cares to know my mental map for perfectly Priya during the month of January: last week re-capped the past year as a whole, this week I'll chronicle two year-end events that can't be ignored (namely Christmas & New Years), and next week I'll get into some of my aspirations for the year, of which there are several (but don't worry, no more monthly resolutions posts, I think)!

Anyway. I was lucky enough to head home to sunny California for the week of Christmas. It was different to not be getting the 2.5 week deluxe vacation you get while in school. But honestly, I managed to squeeze in quite a bit of loved ones, and several naps that could've ended a war.

spent a day in SF with Carina, exploring new places and stealing her old dresses, 
spent a day in Santa Cruz with these two, laughing my head off
one of my very favorite moments of the trip was: breaking into the backyard of Jenae's old house (where her family no longer lives) to dig up a time capsule we had buried Junior year of high school. the entire thing had nearly disintegrated, save for one group picture.
had Thai food with two of my best girls, Katie & Rachel
got to see these two, kinda on a whim. so happy.
spent lots of time with this little nugget (and T.Swift), Daddy in his new Christmas sweater
ssssooo much good food. half of the goodness is having someone make it for you, I have found.
and, of course, the actual holiday.
we spent a part of the day walking in Santa Cruz, this picture as evidence of the gorgeousss weather
 I enjoy these guys, a whole lot
being out there in the sunshine, with some of my favorite people in the world, felt like the most wonderful way to spend the day.
my sister Galina was out traveling the world, and we missed her a whole bunch! but she did send us m&ms with her face on them. we also enjoyed that.

Oh, and I don't have any pictures of this (unless my "day out in SC with play clothes on" pics count) but I spent a lot of time playing. Ping-pong, Polish (a new ping-pong game that I was terrible at), Poker, Scattergories, mostly with my brothers, but others when I was lucky too. Nothing makes me feel like a kid again more than running out the back door and playing for hours. 

So, I had a really lovely trip home. Honestly already planning my next trip back to hang with the crazies!


Jessica @ Here&Now said...

You cuties! Even your time capsule failure is adorable!
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Anonymous said...

Ok I scrolled through the post with like a dozen comments forming in my head and then I reached the last picture and now I am just like "WOAH. M&MS WITH FACES ON. WOAH" and my mind has literally gone blank. I mean this are just the coolest things over. WOAH. WOAH. WOAH. Your sister is clearly amazing!!! How does one procure such a thing?! XX

joy said...

so cool with the time capsule! I forgot where I put mine, hahahha. And the m&ms with faces are awesome :D Looks like you had a lot of fun back in the bay area :)

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