snapshots of the week(S), volume V

besides freezing my butt off, what have I been up to in the last [few] weeks? I'm so glad you asked.
[clockwise] 1. nails from last week
2. new wallet that I'm obsessed with
3. selfies with my new little friend, Hallie
4. finally got my desk pretty much nested, with pictures + plants!
5. one last picture from our inaugural #adventureSaturday
6. glittery (ok yes, I'm really digging sparkles as of late) cake, the best I've ever seen
7. night out with Huntee + friends (and straightened hair, omg) 

like the snapshots? I've got a few more here.

happy Monday, all! I started my week over-sleeping and forgetting my laptop at home...yikes. it can only go up from here!! thanks for reading.


Alissa said...

Is that cake seriously covered in glitter?! Incredible!

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Your newest littlest friend is adorable! I'm digging your Kate Spade wallet, glitter rocks as does the cake!

p.s. you and Huntee make a beautiful couple! :) Have a wonderful day Priya!

Brittney said...

Glitter nails? Glitter cake? Glitter wallet? Are these on instagram, because I would follow you in a heartbeat! You also look great with straightened hair (and without, obviously ;)


Another Beautiful Thing

Larissa said...

So much glitter in this post, haha. Could you actually eat the glitter cake or was is just for decoration? I wonder if I could make a glitter weddig cake for my wedding in October ... ;)
Your new little friend looks super cute! This week I am taking care of the children of my cousin and we are having so much fun. Sometimes little friends are the best ones ;)
Lots of love!

Anita said...

ahh your nails look amazing!

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