packing list- for a week long trip [Winter edition]

Hi & happy Friday! By now I'm sure you've almost forgotten about my trip to Canada (that's a joke because I just won't stop talking about it.) Once again, I tried to pack smart. Let's take a look.
 photo packingCanada_zpsa75264eb.jpg
not pictured: undies, pjs, toiletries, backpack stuff, shoes (because I forgot!) 

I feel like a broken record, but: I was not prepared for how cold it was. Since it literally finally just warmed up here in Nashville, it was hard to pack for Winter again. I took a small carry-on suitcase which worked perfectly, it wasn't quite packed full (this left room for a few gifts I took + souvenirs.) The problem was that even though I probably didn't need anything else, I felt like I had some extra room. So could I have packed less? Yes. Did I have to? No. 

I can't help but be hit by anxiety when it's time to pack for anything! I just have to keeeep reminding myself that I don't need to take everything everywhere (Hunter gives me the hardest time about this.) One thing I hate the most is being unprepared for anything, especially when I have what I need sitting at home. 

I tried to let the "number of days --> number of pieces" philosophy really guide my packing for day to day wear. I laughed after I wrote that because I have waaay more than seven pieces here, but: I had to pack some warm, active clothing for hiking etc. And accessories don't count. 
 photo IMG_5236_zps223452b4.jpg
I needed at least two "workout" type t-shirts to wear for hiking & outdoor stuff (on the left). The two in the center were formerly dresses that my Mom altered for me, so I was excited to pack them (plus I wanted to show Mom how she did!) I thought a flannel would be a great/cozy layering piece. The t-shirt on the far right is one of many I've had sitting in my drawer. I wore it to travel, & for a casual day. 

One thing I've started to love about packing- it helps me really USE certain items in my closet. Some that have maybe been neglected, so it's the final make or break that helps me sort through my closet. 
 photo IMG_5210_zpsff9841e8.jpg
I packed some running tights in lieu of snow pants (#dumb) and wore them pretty much every day, even with my dress at night. One dark pair of jeans that had been sitting in my drawer, & came in handy. A lighter pair of jeans that were much too fresh out the dryer for the trip there (#ugh.) And one pencil skirt that I could have ultimately done without!
 photo IMG_5244_zpsd71f03c0.jpg
Every piece of outerwear was essential, I wore a layered combo of two pretty much at all times.  I wore the jacket & fleece (left) layered everyday during our adventures; and the cardigan and my coat (right) layered every evening for whatever else. As I mentioned previously, this coat didn't get much rotation during this (actual winter), but the longer length and neutral color made it perfect for the week!
 photo IMG_5243_zps96ddd721.jpg
I felt silly even bringing a swimsuit, but I needed it for the hotel & hot springs (do you love my California bottoms or what?) This dress was perfection, I wore it during the week, to church on Sunday, and for the trip home! 
 photo IMG_5232_zps69f72bfb.jpg

I would say I did really well in the accessory department (and very minimal.) I used the purse, belt, and snood almost every day. Never wore these black tights, and the bling was a nice switch-out for my casual jewelry to dress up an outfit.

I realized today I completely forgot about my shoes. I did photograph them but the photos are nowhere to be found, also I had the collage made. Anyway, I wore either my brown Frye boots or pink Asics trainers all week. 
 photo Desktop12_zpse9257aa8.jpg
Here's a little spread of the majority of my outfits for the week (anything else I wore was an active outfit/boring traveling outfit.)

Not bad, Pri. Lessons learned: you can absolutely live in brown boots and exercise tights all week. Any tips for not going overboard while packing for Winter weather? Do tell! I'll use them next year because:

it is SUMMER over here! I've got a tiny bit left at the office before I head away for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. Tales to follow, count on it. 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This is great! I'm honestly shocked that for a Cali girl, you brought so many short sleeve tops. Packing for winter is so hard because I feel like I can never have enough layers. The pieces you did pack were great though. I'm so in love with that dress with your leggings and boots. So perfect. That grey peacoat is also perfect. A classic color and length for sure! Great post girl!

Priya said...

thanks, esp since you're the master of packing posts!! I figured I could layer everyday with a short sleeve top, that cardigan, and coat (which is what I did!)

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