Summer road-trip wishlist

after the longest, coldest Winter in the entire world, I think everyone is super relieved that Summer is here! Fall is definitely my favorite season (not just for all the omgblog! reasons) but for some reason, this Summer is feeling especially lovely so far. when I was younger Summers were endless and I often got really bored (and even looked forward to school starting! I guess I was a nerd.) but nowadays, Summer seems FULL of adventure, sunshine, simple outfits, cold drinks, and swimming!

and now it's my first "adult" Summer, i.e. no Summer break, no real change in day to day life since the season changed. it feels different for sure, but I don't hate it! and to keep the summer alive, I'm making as many weekend getaways as possible. here's what I've got in the queue: 
 photo IMG_4583_zps7fafe2a1.jpg
Pensacola, FL March 2014

1. Young Harris, Georgia- for Julie & Lee's wedding. DONE!
2. Harrisonburg, Virginia- next weekend for Ashton & Ashley's wedding.
3. Santa Clara, California- this is tentative. still haven't decided if I'll go home this Summer.
4. Charleston, South Carolina- just a wish. I have always wanted to go. maybe it'll finally happen!
5. Pensacola, Florida- I'm actually going this weekend, and hope to go again to see my brother Sundar.
6. Cedars of Lebanon State Park- for my birthday cabin weekend, DONE!
7. The BEACH- I wanted to take an anniversary trip with Hunter, this turned into a friends beach trip.
8. Memphis, Tennessee- to see my girl Meredith. planning this for the 4th.
9. Davidson, North Carolina- this will have to be at Summer's end, to see my brother Amir.
10. Atlanta, Georgia- I'll probably end up here more than once.
11. Austin, Texas- this is just somewhere I really want to go. I've heard how cool it is!

I'll plan on updating this at the end of the Summer to mark my progress!

what trips do you have planned this Summer? any recommendations for the places I'm visiting??


Alysia Avé said...

Woohoo! Atlanta is so fun and has tons a good food!
I love this list. I have been hit by the travel bug lately and I have spent many a day dreaming of where I could go next! I hope you make it to all your places this summer!


Alexa said...

oh my gosh this sounds amazing!! I have nothing planned for this summer but I'm hoping to go down to the oc before my school starts :) just a fun little trip!! I did go to Malibu for a wedding which I just posted pics of ! it was perfection <3 hope you're doing well priya

Alexa <3

Hoda Katebi said...

Oh my, what a list! I wish you the best of luck in your *hopefully* upcoming travels! ;) Can't wait to tag along via your blog! xx

<(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This is such a fun post! You have got quite the fun-packed summer! Lots of trips and weddings to attend, and also an anniversary?? That's super exciting! Besides Santa Clara (because, duh), I've never been anywhere but Charleston. My older brother was active navy for 8 years and he was first stationed there for boot camp and for his first few months of training. I don't remember much except that it was super humid and swampy by his base. I can't believe you're that close to Florida that you can just drive! For some reason, I picture Tennessee as being in the middle of the US and away from any sort of coast but I think you said in your last post that it takes you around 4 hours to get there, is that right? That's still a long ways but that's like the distance from my house to Vegas and that seems really close to me. Oh I lied, I have been to Atlanta but don't remember a thing!

Karen said...

Priya, if you do show up around these parts (Atlanta, GA), come see me! I'm so serious. You'll be helping me strike something off my leap list (meet up with a virtual friend), and I can show you a really good time. :-) It's a win-win!

Priya said...

For some reason, whenever I go to Atl it seems to be for another event, and I find a quick, cheap, place to eat. I would absolutely love to explore the food scene more though!

Priya said...

It's humid all over here, haha.

Tennessee is about 8 hours driving longways and a little over 3 width wise. So, it's very easy to drive out of state! Probably more like 6 to the closest beach (which, for a Californian...is BRUTAL) but still do-able!

Priya said...

Karen! Yes!! I'm sorry I didn't look you up last time I was there (but also I didn't have much down-time.) I would love to see you AND get shown around by a local. I will plan on it!!

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