I Have The Same Amount of Hours In A Day As Beyonce.

{post title- totally unrelated. except that I got a new mug with this written on it. and it's Beyonce week.}

here's example #163 of a random item I receive becoming a staple I love (more instances: this flannel, this t-shirt, this blouse, this sweater, this blouse.)

my roommate and girl for the ages, Shelby, who has absolutely been re-filling my wardrobe these days, had this top in a giveaway bag a while back. I guess not so much her style anymore, but who am I to not love a hot pink J.Crew silky sleeveless blouse? 
 photo IMG_5568_zps6b87eefb.jpg
| top: J.Crew via Shel | necklace: Target | pants: Gap Factory | heels: H&M |

I've actually been wearing it quite a bit, when it's not at the dry cleaners, which is after every time I wear it (real fancy silk + I spill on everything.) I don't have many blouses anyway, and definitely not that make a statement this easily. I've also gotten into color-blocking lately (aka the trend I have been waiting for my whole life, more on that later) and this top is the perfect piece for that!
 photo IMG_5574_zpsb2069ac4.jpg
I absolutely need to wear these pants more! they sat in a box all Winter and then for a while into the Summer, before I unpacked them, but now there is no excuse. I think white pants really terrify me. but I'm digging the fit of these more than I remembered. 
 photo IMG_5571_zpsdda508c2.jpg
close-up shot of my new necklace! I'd been lusting after one like this after seeing them throughout the blogosphere, and on several friends. I won a giftcard of my choice from Fran & Alissa (thanks ladies!) and chose Target. though I debated getting something practical I actually needed, this necklace won out. no regrets! 
 photo IMG_5569_zpsb1042bac.jpg
and hip-hip-hooray, it's the weekend again! I've got minimal plans which include: making Rosemary chicken, finishing up Legends of the Fall with Huntee, exercise, a bday shindig for my girl Andrea, and a styling session on Sunday with Shell B. Cheri! that's right, I'm getting some professional help! can't wait to share what we come up with.

wishing you all the best weekend!!


Haley Brianna said...

One of my friends has the same mug! I saw it on Insta and immediately wanted one. I have no idea where she got hers though! Love this outfit, you rock it girl!!


Jessica @ Here&Now said...

pink + white is a forever classic! Looking good lady!


Unknown said...

nice score with your friends blouse, color is awesome! and, i think this post title is great. :D

Unknown said...

Love this combination, very chic. The pink shirt and statement necklace are gorgeous.


Nothing but a Pigeon said...

You look crisp and chic in this outfit... not a hair out of place. Love the statement necklace agianst the bold neon pink. You're workin' it girlie!

Anonymous said...

Hand-me-downs from friends may just be the best thing ever (and how I get around 80% of my clothes cough cough)

So cute! Love that pink color on you :)

Have a great Monday!
Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I'm so glad you saved that top! That is such a pretty color! And play so nicely with your lovely white pants :)

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