Sunny Yellow Midi

It's FRIDAY. I've got Friday on the brain. I never really understood the majesty of this day until I switched to 8-5. Now it just doesn't get old! And it's a beautiful day, I've got the Beach Boys playing...welcome Friday. So glad you made it. 
 photo A7D52616-0B8E-4958-8D28-BACB1F38D177_zpsoeedwfve.jpg
| top (formerly dress): Urban Outfitters | belt: thrifted (in Finland) | skirt: thrifted | shoes: Forever 21 |
 photo 70B18B31-6CC2-4E89-BD4C-24DD81511AB1_zpssvxp0pnq.jpg
Note the very last hurrah of my Beyonce manicure.
 photo E5DD6650-26C7-477C-9C47-15194FDC051B_zpsehtazvbv.jpg
 photo 2A9CD875-6D06-4FFC-8BEA-623C72BF253D_zpsxiaofo1i.jpg
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Just a simple, lady-like outfit from church last Sunday. You might recognize this blouse because it used to be this dress. I should say, this very short dress that I love way more as a top. Thanks, mom! It has an awesome peplum affect that worked out fine tucked in.

I don't think I've worn this skirt since last time. The problem with these lovely pretty vintage skirts is that the waist is so dang SMALL. Like, maybe made for a girl wearing a corset. So, they're not the most comfortable, i.e. best for a few hours at church, and then I run home and put my giant t-shirt back on. 

Ditto on the shoes. My graduation shoes! That are super cute, but insanely uncomfortable, and don't make it out much. At least I'm being honest. 

And I did like this color combo, and that's something I'm working on! Although, now that I'm looking at it, it kinda screams "baby boy nursery", or I should say "BABY BOY NURSERY!"

Remember how a few weeks ago I was complaining about being too busy and just wanting to do nothing? Well, it took me a week and now I'm bored and ready gogogo. Also remember that resolution I made where I wasn't going to complain? Yikes.

Last night I reconnected with some girls that I hadn't spent time with in far too long. So, planning to hang out with them all weekend, and my Hunteebear if he makes an appearance (he promised to take me to the Minute Clinic because I have GOT to get rid of these sinus issues. Also mayybeee buy me some Zella leggings at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?) And one more wish for the weekend: pool time. Because I haven't barely. And it's Summer. Duh. 

That's all I got. Happiest of F-R-I-D-A-Ys to youuuuuuu


Andi said...

I love this look and don't think it screams baby boy nursery at all! I mean, maybe if the bows were pacifiers! Hope you have a lovely weekend and get some pool time! I've only had one pool day, and it was actually kind of chilly that day!

nicole s. said...

stahp being so perfect. i looooooove the midi trend, but don't think i can pull off the long pencil skirt version. you look fantastic!

also, i HEAR you about the super-small waists. i've had to leave behind so many cute things recently because i just can't justify buying any more items that make my tummy hurt. womp womp. why couldn't all my tummy weight hang out somewhere more useful, like my boobs or something??

xo nicole

Gigi @ Dolce and Gabriella said...

I bought five--count 'em five--pairs of Zella leggings at the Nords sale. No shame.

You look great! And I feel you on the vintage clothes thing, I can't believe how tiny women used to be--I have to pass up so much great stuff cause it's just too dang small.

Enjoy your Friday, Priya!
Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella

Unknown said...

lovely lemon midi, and yes, working monday to friday certainly makes friday such a lovely day. I used to listen to 'friday on my mind' by the easybeats allll working week and then play it loud in the office on fridays. My coworkers joining in. :D Hahah, love that skirt too - great color and the side panelling (? hemming?) is awesome :D

Larissa said...

You are just the cutest one ever! I dont know anyone who can wear a light yellow shade like this one as good as you! The outfit is so pretty and the blue goes so well with the yellow. I want to go thrifting now and I find a similar skirt.. but in another color for me :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

What a cute outfit! It's fun but still professional! The bow shirt is adorable!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

What a fun and cheerful outfit! I love the combination of yellow and blue. They compliment each other so well! I hope you had a fabulous weekend my friend :)

joy said...

That dress (as a top) is so cute! I love the print :) And midi skirts are so hard to pull off but I love how you styled this.

And hahahah yes! I totally get that feeling too. Whenever I'm super busy, I just want to do nothing. But once I don't have anything to do, I long for a busier day :P

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Hahahah ever since I started working 8 to 5 I have also understood the utter happiness of it being Friday. Although in my case, I work half a day on Saturday's, so I truly feel the joy on Saturday afternoons... hehe.I really like this color combo on you Priya! Even if you say it screams boy nursery, hahaha. Hope you had a lovely weekend!!

Marisa Noelle said...

LOVE this Priya! The colors and silhouette are gorgeous. And how cute is the print on your top?! I'm the same way...I always long to slow down since we are always so busy, but when I do, the next day I'm bored and ready to be on the go again, hehe. Have a great week darling gal! xo Marisa

Midwest Muse said...

this outfit is so pretty on you. I absolutely love the color scheme for you!

Chelsey Patti said...

Haha, it maybe could be colors for a Baby Boy Nursery, but I love them and think they look great on you!!! Too bad the skirt isn't comfy, I really really love this outfit! Kudos girl!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful combination of colours! I love the top formally dress :) it looks awesome. All these bright colours are perfect for summer, I'm obsessed with bright colours at the moment XX

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