weekend update: a Memphis 4th!

Hunter and I headed out after a half-Thursday to Memphis, to stay with my pal Meredith for the 4th of July weekend. what an awesome time! I had visited surrounding Memphis throughout college on Spring break, Fall break, etc. but never truly stayed in the city and experienced it. my friends said it best, "Memphis has soul." it is SO different than Nashville, but I loved it.
 photo July41_zps25879956.jpg
I should mention that Jackson got to hang out with us all weekend and we LOVE him! what a cool guy. thanks J!

Thursday night we got to hang with two of my favorite people: Beth & Travis, Dith's parents! one of my first blog posts was about Beth's cooking, if that gives you any idea. aside from the omg-I'm-dead cooking, I loved spending time with them. it had been too long! so many college memories around that kitchen island.

my July 4th festivities usually don't amount to a whole lot, but this year, I was ready! I had my patriotic outfit, r w & b mani, and Lady Liberty headdress. plus I was so excited to spend it in a new city.
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Friday morning I slept in and Dith made me breakfast (the boys had gone to play on Justin Timberlake's golf course) and the day went up and up from there! btw, her cute apartment- I die.
 photo IMG_5596_zpsd15a35ab.jpg
 photo IMG_5591_zps8e03411e.jpg
we had lunch at Central BBQ, across from the National Civil Rights Museum (the Lorraine Motel, where MLK Jr. was shot.) already I was amazed at how saturated with history Memphis is.

then Friday night was spent out in Memphis! I just can't wait to go back to Beale Street, and Raiford's, a legit disco. several people had recommended it to me, and when I walked in I couldn't stop saying "this is unreal!" if you are ever even CLOSE to Memphis: GO.
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Saturday morning was super chill, and then it may have been my favorite day. we got in the car and just drove (ok, Jackson drove) around the whole city; Jerry's Sno Cones, the school where Meredith and Jackson work, Jackson's trendy neighborhood Cooper-Young (including the Memphis mural), the not-so-trendy neighborhoods, the playground at Shelby Park, Graceland (!!!), and the urban areas in between.
 photo IMG_5645_zps4274f020.jpg
 photo IMG_5701_zpsac73e210.jpg photo IMG_5673_zps49d154d9.jpg
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 photo IMG_5617_zps1fe12850.jpg
Saturday afternoon we did a little shopping at Wish, a fabulous boutique and a mandatory stop, while the boys took a long nap.

Saturday night, we put on new dresses and headed back to Cooper-Young for dinner at Next Door. and then we crashed so hard!

Sunday for our last hurrah we had brunch at The Beauty Shop, an old-timey beauty parlor turned restaurant. I am obsessed. it was awesome. Hunter and I walked from Dith's apartment down to the Mississippi River (awesome) and then hit the road.
 photo IMG_5709_zps39b01949.jpg
 photo IMG_5723_zpsbaa7a497.jpg
 photo IMG_3558_zps848cfe39.jpg
some selfies for good measure:
 photo July42_zpsccbedb42.jpg
I think exploring a new city and getting to spend time with a best friend is my favorite thing. I'm thankful for the country I live in, and the holiday we get to celebrate it!

thank you Dithy, thank you J, thanks McFarlins! thank you Huntee for being my road-trip buddy. we'll be going back just as soon as I can!!

more Memphis memories here


Alissa said...

Ah! This looks like soooo much fun!

Anonymous said...

So much fun to read! Memphis is one of those cities I think everybody wants to go too. This was even more fun to read because I've now actually celebrated July 4th in the states!!!! It was so much fun I'm going to be doing my version of those post soon. Can I just say outstanding effort on the nails and rings - looks fantastic!!!! And that liberty hat - you are too cute!!! XXXX

Priya said...

thanks Laila! that means a lot, because you are literally the master of trip posts. I always struggle with covering everything I did, but not sounding too ramble-y. I just want to remember it all, you know? ahhh your first 4th of July! I can't wait to see your post!!

Alysia Avé said...

I love travel posts!! Memphis looks like so much fun, I'll have to add that on my lists of places. The patriotic mani is perfection. Love!


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Looks like you had a such a great July 4th!! I would love to visit Memphis one day!

Chelsey Patti said...

Looks like a fun holiday weekend!!! This was our first in Nashville!


Priya said...

you definitely should, you're not far!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You were quite patriotic girl!! Those nails look AWESOME. I never thought to keep that souvenir statue of liberty hat to wear on the 4th. Great idea!

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