Orange You Glad I'm Not Making An Orange Joke

So I was planning this post to air at some point over the weekend, when I was MIA from any kind of blogging. But, all of a sudden it was Friday and I was at work AND hosting both my sisters in town (I don't recommend it.) Anyway I want to share what I had started writing because it's still totally applicable and therefore hilarious:

"While you're reading this, there's no telling what state I am actually in. I am most likely wearing a giant 49er's t-shirt (this is our year) because that's all that will fit after a weekend of eating my life away around town, celebrating Carina's birthday, and generally partying with family for days in a row."

That is as far as I got in writing this post, haaaaa. And now it's like giant t-shirt? Check. Starvation diet? Check. Too much birthday? Check! 

But oh yeah, I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago...fashion blogging is so weird. Anyway, while I'm busy sorting through 500 selfies from the weekend, eating salad, and taking long, rehabilitating naps, here's an outfit post! 
 photo IMG_5906_zps91ed1310.jpg
| top: secondhand J.Crew | dress: Old Navy | sandals: Blowfish via DSW |

I learned a lot from my styling session with Shell B (I haven't formally blogged any outfits we put together, but you can peep some of the looks here.) She mentioned she really didn't like orange and black together because it seemed Halloween-y or prison-y.

While I obvi broke that rule, she also encouraged me to wear open button-ups over dresses or shirts. That was originally how this outfit came to be, but then I decided with the proportions of the shirt, it looked better tied at the waist.

So, I realize neither of these anecdotes really have to do with me learning lessons from Shell B. But they helped with the thought process behind this outfit, at least. 
 photo IMG_5903_zps0dc5484d.jpg
I bought this dress because Danielle has it and it looked perfect and like you can ever have too many casual black knit dresses. 
 photo IMG_5912_zps11bcf4ff.jpg
And this top is another fabulous J.Crew hand-me-down from Shelby via her co-worker. My philosophy for hand-me-downs is seriously: the random-er, the better. Thanks Shel! 
 photo IMG_5909_zps4f8280da.jpg
Anything tied over a dress is generally money in the bank. Keep that in mind. 

I hope everyone, bloggy friends and IRL friends and those few special people that cross over both, are feeling excellent today and enjoying these days of Summer that feel floaty and hazy. And almost like we should be going back to school...but not for me anymore!

I'll be back this week with a belated birthday post for my dear Carina, and many photos from our #pappumastakeNashville weekend, most of which feature me making a horrendous face. Count on it. 


Alysia Avé said...

Ah, sounds like a perfect weekend! And I love this outfit because it reminds me of my favorite holiday :-)

Alysia Ave

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

This is a really cute outfit and I like the idea of wearing a sleeveless blouse over a dress! So fun! I'm glad you had an event-filled weekend!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Hey you're wearing Giants colors! Way to represent! ;)

I don't experiment with layering over dresses as I should, especially since my shoulders must be covered for work. Your top almost acts as a vest here. Very clever!

Unknown said...

This outfit is so cute. I'm so into orange right now for some reason lol live the top and sandals together!


Larissa said...

What a fun outfit! I always have problems with orange because I think it does not look good with my color of hair and skin... but it looks so good on you!
Lots of love!

Danielle Wallace said...

This dress, yay! Girl, I can't get over how amazing those outfits are that ShellB styled for you, and I can't wait to see the outfit deets! BTW, the 3rd is already my favorite. Sounds like you've been having a great summer, and eating salads for a little while is I'm sure worth all the yumminess you've been eating :)

Jasmine Punia said...

Like the addition of top on the dress!!!


kate @ a journey in style said...

Wow, I really love this outfit! The fact that you layered over a dress with sleeves is so unexpected, but it looks so good!

reshma said...

Love the way you style such a simple dress!

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