You're the balm!

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| dress: secondhand via Jamie | shoes: Old Navy | ring: Forever 21 | earrings: gift from Galina |
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Friday outfit formula for when waking up this week has been THE worst, and you should have left five minutes ago: printed dress + flats. Today marks the second installment of my outfits: in real-time series

I got this dress from a co-worker who was down-sizing her closet soon after I started my job. I have to say, though the print is slightly hippie-r than I would normally choose, the fit and therefore comfort of the dress is perfect. Perfect for, say, bbq nachos and a Friday Beer:30 at 1pm. 

I really don't have a lot to say today. But Kelley, who styled my hair [on Sunday] insisted that I tell you how long I have milked this hairstyle for. Aka, my hair so dirty and I'm not going to tell you how dirty. 
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*Photos edited with VSCOCam*
One exciting thing: I got this Pixi by Petra lip balm in my BirchBox the other day, and I am obsessed. I already want it in every color. The berry shade is perfect for Fall, and I know I'll be wearing it every day. Plus, it's a balm, so it goes on and stays on SO well! There's my once a month plug for a beauty product.

Oh, you want to sign up for a Birchbox? Go right ahead. Also, I need to do a review post soon.

Well, I'm off to finish up this Friday. I have one actual timed commitment this weekend, and otherwise I'll just being going with the flow, and making time to sleep, watch football, read, and hopefully blog! Oh, and keep working on Breaking Bad. I am so looking forward to it because this week has been quite full. I hope you all are well, bloggy friends and otherwise! xo 


nicole s. said...

your hair looks amazing. i don't know if it's fresh in these photos, but it looks it. are the highlights new? love 'em.
that dress? so you, even if the print is more hippie. it doesn't read really as hippie in the photos, or to me anyway. i just love the shape. it would look really cute with tights and boots in the fall!
that lip color is amazing on you. i love colored balms, so i'mma check that one out!

xo nicole

katie marie v said...

You look stunning! I love this dress on you, but more than that I love your make up, hair, and earring combo. Gorgeous!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Love your cute printed dress! If I got my hair styled I would wait as long as possible for showering too! That lipstick color is so bright and pretty!

joy said...

This printed dress is so gorgeous and I love the statement earrings! And ahhh that Pixi by Petra lip balm is such a pretty color :)

Alysia Avé said...

You look so cute! Like Priyanka Chopra!

Alysia Ave

Larissa said...

Your hair looks so awesome in here!
Thank you for your sweet comments and no, you did not miss the post about my "new life"...since things are still changing so fast these days, I do not yet really dare to share that much on my blog, I feel like life is pushing me in a new direction with every new week. But I will make an update soon.. lets say, after the wedding, when things will be less stressfull again :)
Lots of love!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Did you recently get highlights in your hair?? They look fantastic! I realize this is after the weekend but I hope you were able to relax a bit and watch more BB. What part are you at now?

Alexandra Zakharova said...

You are splendidly got up there, this dress fits you perfectly well! I also think that you are an incredibly beautiful girl!
In addition, those photographs turned out so great;)

Megan Butcher said...

Love the dress, you look comfy & put together - my favorite combo!


Priya said...

The highlights are a few months old, but tend to actually show when I part my hair differently (aka- it's dirty :)

Most def planning to add tights + boots in the fall with this number! And DO check out the balm, I've almost worn it everyday since I got it!

Anonymous said...

You look INCREDIBLE. I don't understand make-up or how it works or what balm is but that picture of you smiling is like a glossy magazine ad for happy women or something. INCREDIBLE. Also, gorgeous dress and I am very much a fan of the colours involved in said dress. XX

Priya said...

thank you kindly!

Priya said...

:O What a compliment!!! Thank you sweet girl!

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