Four Seasons, One Dress: Fall

Wednesday, November 26

Hi everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving Week!! I'm here to bring you the next installment of our Four Seasons, One Dress series with Danielle of Goodwillista. A few months ago, we styled our buddy dress from Gap for Summer (check it out, here) and today we are styling it for Fall! 
 photo fourseasonsonedressfall_zpsc6409b7c.jpg
I think Fall has skipped over in a lot of places, and we have mostly had frigid temps in Nashville lately. But, I'm back in the Bay Area for the week, so all bets are off! The weather here is beautiful, warm enough to skip tights, but cool enough for my comfy sweater and riding boots. 

Looks like Danielle had an opportunity to skip tights as well, which we're not taking for granted anymore! I love the colors and layering she has going here- green, tan, blue and white. The dress looks awesome paired with a structured, flattering jacket! Check out Danielle's entire post here
 photo IMG_6779_zps7ccbfa6d.jpg
| sweater: UO from Shelby | dress: Gap | belt: Hunter's | boots: Frye |

As for my styling, I selected a few pieces that would make this dress feel quintessentially Fall. I took a queue from Danielle's Summer styling and added a belt (which I've never done- the dress has an elastic waistband!), added my go-to sweater, and brown riding boots- both pieces on heavy rotation this season!
 photo IMG_6781_zps82aebe4e.jpg
The fit of this sweater layers well over everythingggg, but I love it over the dress, and the belt and boots paired up great! Not a whole lot of thinking went into this last-minute, but-it's-Thanksgiving outfit, I think that proves that this dress is a goldmine. 
 photo IMG_6792_zps4ba16f72.jpg
 photo IMG_6780_zps3b62f745.jpg
Thank you to my bestie Jenae for taking these photos for me yesterday! I am loving spending time with my dear friends from home. Such great girls that I constantly miss! Stay tuned for an overdose of selfies next week, when it's back to Nashville I go! 
 photo IMG_6788_zpsaca62eff.jpg
What are your tips for making a knit dress Fall-ready? Can you still get away with not wearing tights where you live? Thanks to Danielle for linking up!

Wishing you all a wonderful, fun, and safe holiday tomorrow, enjoy your time with friends or family. Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for stopping by!! 

Blazer Bus

Sunday, November 23

 photo IMG_4463_zpsf0652efc.jpg
 photo IMG_4464_zps9661450c.jpg
 photo IMG_4466_zps64efd3af.jpg
*iphone pics, taken by Kelley, edited with VSCOCam*
| blazer: F21 | t-shirt: (old) gift | jeans: 7 For All Mankind | loafers: Old Navy | 

hi!! this is gonna be super short, I'm nearly delirious because I was up at 5am (CST), made it to CA, and spent all day celebrating the engagement of my dear friend Jacqui and her (now) fiancĂ© Matt! that was the main exciting thing I referenced here. such a sweet, fun time, and I am pumped that I made it in time for the engagement, and even MORE for that girl to get married! though, I'm really happy to be home, so everything feels exciting, and I'm going crazy trying to see everyone! 

I really wanted to participate in Blazer Week, if at all possible, since it was hosted by two of my blogger friends, Andi and Danielle. they've done some awesome work this week, check 'em out!

Friday in Nashville got up into the 50's, basically a heat wave, all things considered. good enough for me to break out my blazer! blazers are something I love, though not necessarily on me. this one is a "boyfriend fit" that I'm constantly working to style. still, I came across this tee in the great move/downsize, and figured it would clean up nicely with a blazer and these RAD gold loafers. I've wanted shoes like this forevvvsss and finally found them at Old Navy (on clearance now...go get 'em.) I've worn them at any opportunity since then. this outfit is essentially the British cousin of this outfit, from my Graphic Tee Week

story behind this tee: our high school made a London trip my Senior year, which I wasn't lucky enough to get to go on, but I was lucky to get souvenirs from most of my friends! you'd have to ask Jenae where exactly she found it, but it always makes me think of friends from home. 

I will hopefully be back in a few days with the next installment of Four Seasons, One Dress: Fall, with Danielle.
until then, stay sweet and thanks for dropping by! 

Meanwhile, last season...

Wednesday, November 19

I think this excerpt from my journal will best describe how I'm feeling right now:
"I think I'll look back on this as a really crazy time in life. Life is so busy but so good! The last couple months feel like they've been non-stop, blogging feels like an afterthought, I have to write everything down, I forget things as soon as--" that's where the entry cuts off. Ha! 

This post has literally been in my drafts for a week or so, just waiting to be assembled and posted. Not that it really seems relevant at the moment, but maybe think of it as more of a "life" post with some "old outfit photos" thrown in. 
 photo IMG_6497_zpsd9dd70f8.jpg
| jacket: Old Navy | top (formerly dress): Old Navy | jeans: 7 For All Mankind | booties: Target |

I wish I had a better representation of what I'm actually wearing right now! But I promise I did wear this, once. Before the temperature dropped and the only time I spend outside is running from or to a building. And my ankles have not seen the light of day since...October. Fall fashion is so, so not appropriate right now (I'm looking at you, 22 degree Nashville! Gimme my Fall! Where'd it go?!) 
 photo IMG_6495_zpsbf254f19.jpg
So, because I'm constantly feeling like there are 50 million things in my brain at once, the best fashion strategy has seemed to be: simple. Jacket + shirt + pants. Revolutionary, right? Whenever I find myself bored to wear a black t-shirt with jeans, I think, "Classics are classics because they are classic" You can quote me on that!

I've been trying to wear this jacket more since at one point I thought I couldn't live without it. The problem is that it only seems perfect for Spring or Fall weather. I swear Nashville skipped both this year! This top was from a batch of dresses my wonderful mother made into shirts for me. And these are the jeans I've been wearing everyday, because they were the only ones that fit, but they're so perfectly stretchy that they seem to be a bit stretched out. 
 photo IMG_6498_zps0a800b73.jpg
I definitely have not gotten in my groove for Winter wear (so ughhhhfashionblogger but seriously.) So I generally haven't been enjoying what I've been wearing lately. There are a few looks I would like to document so maybe I'll get my stuff together before I head to California on Saturday. I am sososo vacation, family, and moderate temperature ready. 

Thanks to Dith for taking these pictures for me, over a month ago. I wore this to my friend's show on a Saturday night, which I realize is THE most Nashville thing ever.

I've also worn this jacket on the blog here, and for more faux leather jacket inspiration, check out Brittney's sweet pairing here. This girl has fabulous style!

I hope this post doesn't sound like a giant complaint- like I wrote in my journal, life feels really busy and good. Oh no, I'm doing that "blogger apology" that is so annoying, you didn't even realize I was gone did you ;) hope you all are well and thanks for reading!

weekend update: Amir, Autumn, & Another road-trip

Wednesday, November 12

*this post is ridiculous
 photo Amir2_zps27701812.jpg
 photo Amir4_zps90a2f3c0.jpg
weekend update on a Wednesday?! yeah. I left for Davidson late Friday evening after a ping-pong tournament at work, got back late (-r than I planned!) on Sunday night, and hit the ground running Monday morning! we are in full swing with holiday plans at the office, and I also feel in full-swing with my holiday plans, I'll be back in California a week from Saturday, to which I say :D there are some really exciting things happening when I go to CA, to which I say :x I'll tell you soon.

don't worry, I'm not getting engaged! I recently got a text from Hunter that said, "here's the message I sent to the guys for guys night tonight, 'Gentlemen, tonight at 7:30 at Cinco de Mayo we will gather to morn the loss of yet another good man to the plague of pending nuptials.'" this is my response to anyone who asks me, "planning on getting married anytime soon?" 

oh goodness- yeah, I'm all over the place. this weekend!
it wasn't necessarily the best weekend for me to go and see Amir, but we did have the best time. he's busy and actually has many wonderful friends (that I had the pleasure of meeting!), but I told him to do his thing and we would hang when he was available (insert my biggest eye-roll.) 

Saturday morning we volunteered at a farm for his dorm event (me with the carrot, top left. I wish I was joking about how many times this carrot has made me laugh this week.) 

Saturday afternoon Amir had a friend's wedding to go to, (top right.) he looked so cute and dapper that I almost died, and promptly send pictures to everyone I knew. what did I do during this time, you ask? I realized just how good I am at wasting time when I have the option, I basically took a long shower, and a longer nap, messed around, read magazines at a coffee shop, whatever. it's fine. 

Sunday after church we had brunch, hiked in Charlotte, and spent a minute downtown. it ended with us running back to my car, whilst I ate a panini because I had to get on the road. 

the Fall in North Carolina was killing me it was that good. the Davidson campus is gorgeous, I am ridiculously proud of Amir and loved every minute of telling him dumb jokes that he respectfully laughed at. he won't be home for Thanksgiving, which begs the question- who will I play ping-pong and go on adventures with?! (Amir says, "Priya. Tuppy's getting into sports again. He's having a revival.") how is it that you wake up one day and your little brothers become the coolest and cutest? 

now for a week update: I woke up this morning and it is TOTALLY Winter in Nashville. like, high of 40 today Winter. ok, cool, guess it's time to find those coats I own, somewhere. I've had some fun friend hangs this week, as well as a good amount of sitting on the couch and watching Breaking Bad, which feels extra nice when it's freezing outside.

I hope you all are doing well! thanks for the ipsy // Birchbox insight on my last post. I'll be back with you soon! 

Ipsy vs. Birchbox, October

Thursday, November 6

For today's issue of things I spend too much time analyzing/discussing/talking about, I bring you the first part in a new series, ipsy vs. Birchbox that will last until one triumphant victor remains.

I certainly never considered myself the fabulous monthly subscription box type; that is, until I began delivering monthly ipsy's to my co-workers, and participating in the big reveal. For someone who tries to meticulously limit spending on those "extras" (basically, the lifeblood of ipsy and Birchbox), I have become quite a fan. These little surprises in the mail are one of the highlights of my month, have possibly made me a "beauty person", and keep me feeling fabulous until the next one arrives. I also have developed somewhat of a persuasive essay on why I find it worth it. Perhaps that's another post.

I originally signed up for ipsy and was placed on the waiting list, and after the encouragement from my friend Steph, decided to subscribe to Birchbox "for the time being." I was more interested in ipsy because I figured I only wanted make-up I could wear everyday, instead of the more "lifestyle" items you can get with Birchbox (gummy vitamins, hair products, etc.) Then my Birchbox started coming, I was pleasantly surprised, and then it started to get really good, and then my ipsy subscription began. 

Which brings me to the present quandry: now that I have my ipsy, I can go ahead and cancel my Birchbox, which was only meant to be temporary. Right?  I certainly don't need two subscriptions. I can't use them both, and though it's only $10 a month, it's a waste if I don't use it. But I began to grow quite fond of my Birchbox. What to do?! In an effort to find the better subscription box for me, I'm throwing my ipsy and Birchbox for October in the ring and letting them duke it out. 

If you skipped the rambling above ^: I'm trying to choose between the two subscriptions. Currently subscribed to both. Trying to keep one and lose the other. But which one is best for me?
ipsy (products left to right)
Skone Cosmetics TATOOED waterproof eyeliner- I've loved "felt tip" eyeliner since I tried it out on a $2 Forever 21 whim. Said whim was promptly thrown away as soon as I got this (it was definitely past its' prime anyway.) Great color, smooth application, and lasts all day! Mandatory for a cat eye.
*Noyah lipstick in Deeply in Mauve*- I was hesitant about this color at first, because it seemed like something a grandma might wear, but after trying it on, several of my work gf's said "Never wear another color again." The almost purple-y shade is one I never would have picked out on my own, but that's what makes these boxes so fun! Trying new stuff! Also, the texture of this lipstick feels drier and less sticky/glossy, which I understand is a quality of nicer lipstick. First time experiencing that.
Ayres Patagonia body butter- I've only used this once or twice after I threw it in a purse, but it smells great, and I love the little tub it came in. 
Nicole by OPI nail polish in On A Gilt Trip- To be honest...I haven't actually used this yet (though I have plans for a manicure after my babysittee goes to sleep tonight!) but I am jazzed about the shade! Gold is trendy, right? Also I only own a couple OPI shades, but I understand them to be the best. 
Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser- Haven't used this either, but I think it will be the perfect travel sized face wash this weekend (something I never seem to have with me when I travel, so that's nice!) 
*Favorite of the month! This tiny lipstick stays in my office card holder, and I've managed to wear it several times. The color is perfect for the season! Dith even borrowed it last weekend!

As for the Glam Bag itself, not my favorite, but it is perfect for my make-up brushes inside my other make-up bag. And I say you can never have enough of these little bags.
I'll do better on the photo next month!
Birchbox (products clockwise)
Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle- I'm a very simple hair kinda girl, I almost never use hair products (for better or for worse.) I got another "pre-styling spray" from Birchbox a few months ago, so I definitely didn't need another one. I tried this once and found that it didn't spread very evenly when sprayed, leaving me with some weird product-y spots. This might work better for someone committed to using styling products/styling their hair, but didn't work for me. 
dr. brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner- I haven't used this. Another 'box lament for me is the abundance of skin products. I rarely use any (again, for better or for worse) and I really don't need a pore eraser or crow's feet minimizer once a month. I just forget to use them and feel like I don't need them. I believe this is a mask, which could be fun to try some beauty day. 
Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy- I always just throw the lotions in my purse to use at a later date. This one smelled pretty good and came in a cute package. 
Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips- I can't get over that this is originally for nursing mothers, it kinda freaks me out. I keep this in my make-up bag for when I don't wear any lip color, but need a boost. It is certainly moisturizing, but more than a tiny dot feels seriously gloopy.  
*Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette*- I have a shimmery palette I use almost daily, but I've been pleasantly surprised by two of these matte shades. They're perfect for more natural days when I don't want the eyeshadow look, but still need something to anchor my liner. Eyeshadow samples are something that seem like they could get lost pretty easily, but I've enjoyed experimenting with these. 
*Favorite of the month! I honestly haven't gotten much use out of any of the others.

My victor this month: ipsy. Sure, I'm still in my honeymoon phase (only my second Glam Bag) but I've used and love (to some degree) every item in my ipsy. Birchbox, not as much. 

So, what's your vote for the month? Do you subscribe to ipsy or Birchbox? Perhaps you have in the past, or even have had the same quandary as me, and one has treated you better long-term? Do tell! 

If you are interested in signing up for ipsy OR Birchbox (or both ;) for $10/month, you can find my referral links here: ipsy // Birchbox.

Tune in next month for November's battle of the subscription boxes, which should be showing up any day now, eep! ipsy's theme is Glitter Girl and I can. Not. WAIT. 

Flowered & Tied

Tuesday, November 4

 photo IMG_6544_zpsc7074b8c.jpg
 photo IMG_6551_zpsfc8fc550.jpg
 photo IMG_6549_zps1f03c7b9.jpg
top: stolen borrowed from Huntee | skirt: from Carina | flats: Old Navy | earrings: gift 

Hi! Here's a simple outfit from when I met up with some family in Florida a few weeks ago, back when it wasn't 40 degrees outside. We met up with my sweet cousin Glory for dinner that Saturday, at a very hole-in-the-wall Thai place, which turned out to be awesome, as they so often do. 

Seems like without fail when I'm packing, it's last-minute, I'm in a rush, and somehow my brain can't function in a crunch to plan an outfit I'll love later. This however, worked out perfectly! This button-up that I *ahem*, inherited, is seriously an MVP in my closet, it works with everything. 

These pictures were taken in my brother Sundar's backyard. I woke up from a nap to "A Message" by Coldplay playing, and this beautiful sunset lighting outside. I know I've written on here before about how I like to collect "Moments 4 Life" (term credited to Nicki Minaj & Drake), simply put, moments where I have the thought "life is awesome". I like to really try and remember them, and save them for later when life is feeling less awesome. I might sound like a ridiculous fairy or something but I'm telling you it works. Start a page in your journal for "Moments 4 Life" that you collect. The song is also really catchy.

 Thanks to my little nugget Amir for taking these pictures for me! Always willing to help. I am planning to drive to NC to see him this weekend, and just can't wait to hang. 

Hope you guys are having a great week so far! My evening looks like Fall shopping (mainly for Huntee with some possible goodies for me), dinner at Amerigo's, and some Breaking Bad. I almost feel silly about how much I've been looking forward to date night tonight. Seems like Hunter and I are constantly hanging out with friends, but it's been a while since we've had a "classic date night" experience. Also, yeah, I'm picking out some new clothes for him. All my fashion bloggers know what's up! Today's the last day I can use my Old Navy Super Cash, so we put this date in my planner because I'm neurotic. I can't wait. 

Thank you for reading! 

Weekend Update: Memphis Lolloweekend

Monday, November 3

To make last week even crazier, Friday evening after work, with fake blood and clown white still in my hair from Thursday night's haunted house, I hopped in Betty and drove to Memphis to spend the weekend with my girl Meredith. I love Meredith and I love Memphis, so spending the weekend there with her was an absolute treat! 
 photo IMG_6701_zpsa3a6ab33.jpg
 photo IMG_6718_zpscbae2831.jpg
 photo IMG_6707_zps9f775935.jpg
 photo MemphisLolloweekend_zps6fffb629.jpg

Our actual Halloween night was pretty laid back (see me as a regrettable "lumberjane" [term courtesy of Nicole] there on the left) but we made up for it on Saturday night! We cooked dinner at Dith's apartment which was so nice, and then we hit the town. I love Beale St. and I survived Raiford's (this time.)

We ended up eating hot chicken on both Friday and Saturday night (Friday- quick Halloween party chicken tender, Saturday- Jackson, Dith's bf, our hero, made fried chicken- amazing!) so we dubbed it #spicychickenweekend. I haven't fully explored that hashtag, but I guess I'd be a little nervous to.

Every time I visit Memphis I really fall in love with it a little more. So many unassuming, cool spots, and so much charming history. And of course, friends that I adore. Thank you Meredith and Jackson for being fantastic hosts! I can't wait to come back and visit you at school (they're both A+ teachers) and go see a Grizzly's game together!

Did you all have a crazy fun Halloween? Completely enjoying seeing everyone's costumes, and making up for mine this year by working on NEXT year's already.