Weekend Update: Friends, babes, cupcakes.

I should note that this title a) makes me feel basic and b) is all I need to be happy. 
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I had a terrific weekend! I loved my time spent at home over Thanksgiving, but it was nice to come back to Nashville and jump head-first into festivities, hanging with my besties, and that holiday party babysitting grind. Which, I thoroughly love, so it's not a grind. I had so much fun that I cut myself waaaayyy too much slack yesterday, and hardly did anything. I can confidently admit that I am a busybody who is always running around trying to get stuff done, so just sitting still on the couch last night only came after some internal coaching.

Friday evening Hunter and I met up with Ethan and Andrea, made a spectacular dinner at Andrea's house (I made the salad so, I won't really take credit for it), and headed to Turtle Anarchy Brewery in Franklin. Since I actually grew up and starting enjoying beer, trying local brews and visiting breweries is one of my favorite things! And for how small Nashville is, there really is a nice selection of local breweries. Sample trays are the girliest part of a brewery (love those tiny glasses) and how cute is our double couple?? Love these guys. By 11pm I was asleep on my feet and I am embarrassed to tell you how much I love going to sleep on Friday night and **sleeping in** Saturday morning!

I went straight to hanging with these little nuggets on Saturday. Since Miles was wearing the cutest oversized jersey, I said to him, "Miles, cool jersey! Are you on a soccer team?" He said "No, I'm scared of the crowds." Heart-melter! I adore them!

Saturday night my roomie (I need to clarify that Amanda was my roommate for three years in college, but will forever be my "roomie" and biffy) invited us over for some impromptu popcorn stringing. I have to confess- I'm just not feeling festive. I don't know what it is, Christmas just seems very overwhelming to me this year. BUT I've been trying to do something small and festive every day, in hopes of getting more in the spirit (like listening to classic Christmas albums, stringing popcorns, baking spice cupcakes,) & I think it's working! Anywayyyy I really enjoyed being in the girl's cozy, decorated thoroughly like adults, apartment; stringing popcorn for the tree which I've never done before but made me feel distinctly salt-of-the-earth American, flipping through terrible Hallmark Christmas movies like Becky's Christmas Pup, and eating a small cup of Bluebell ice cream as a reward for finishing my string.

Sunday included an advent church service, an under 60 min trip to Target, exercise, straightening my hair (this is a big deal) AND- baking cupcakes for Drew's birthday festivities that evening. Mallory hosted a really nice little shindig for her sweet brother, and Hunter and I had a blast. And the cupcakes were cute.

Otherwise notable for this weekend: I started Serial, became obsessed, and blazed right through it. If you haven't already started listening to it, do yourself a favor: http://serialpodcast.org/. Pro-tip: I've been listening as I work out which is a fantastic strategy. If anyone wants to discuss conspiracy theories below--I am SO in!!

Ok- I'm off. A double productive day awaits, since yesterday was basically a wash. I am always down to hear a rambley account of your weekend update (seems only fair, if you read this whole thing :) let me know what you're up to! 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Sound like you had an amazing time. Yesterday was a wash for me to. Due to I was getting over a cold.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You always have the most fun on the weekends! You all make an adorable double couple! Hey relaxing days are needed! We spent the majority of the weekend in bed. It felt so good to take a lazy day and a half off. Good for the soul :)

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

Everyone keeps talking about Serial - I need to check it out! I just wish I had more hours in a day! Thanks for linking up! :)

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