Four Seasons, One Dress: Winter

Hello hello, it is that time of the season again! Today Danielle and I are styling our buddy dress for Winter. At this point we've already styled it twice; for Summer and Fall.
 photo 4seasons1dresswinter_zpsm9ywagsm.jpg
How perfect is it that we both went with a mustard color scheme?

I love how Danielle mixed brown and black (it works!) and a pop of mustard yellow to pull her outfit together. Come to think of it, our outfits are pretty much identical...I just added a coat, because it was NOT 64 degrees in Nashville (j e l l y Danielle!) 
 photo IMG_7480_zpsfycrxbau.jpg
| scarf: ASOS | cardi: H&M | dress: Gap | coat: Old Navy | tights&booties: Target | socks: Madewell | 

Styling this dress for every season really gets me to thinking about what makes an outfit quintessentially "Winter" (or "Fall" or "Spring.") Though last week was pretty mild in Nashville, over the weekend the temperature dropped again (we even got a little bit of snow!) So the decision was simple: tights, layers, and a warm coat. 
 photo IMG_7487_zpskhp95xam.jpg
For some reason I've had an aversion to tights this year, and haven't worn them barely at all! These are my favorite pair from last year though. Since the bright yellow is such a statement, I tried to keep the rest of the look very neutral. These socks are the perfect addition any time I wear booties- bonus that they keep my feet warm. I'm pleased with how it all turned out! 
 photo IMG_7486_zpsjqg8g3uv.jpg
 photo IMG_7477_zpswixrgquf.jpg
I am actually wearing this entire outfit to work today, which hasn't happened...hardly ever! 

Also- I cut my hair last week! It looks a little funky in these pictures, still working on styling it myself, but boy it feels good to have short hair again. 

Check out Danielle's full post here, and go ahead and spend some time or her blog, Goodwillista, if you haven't before!

Here's how we styled this dress for Summer // Fall. I've got a good feeling that we can make it all four seasons, this dress is a winner! Thanks for reading! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I love it when you guys do these posts together! It makes me happy :) This outfit seems similar to all the layering I would have to do to wear a similar dress in the winter. Granted today it's supposed to to be in the mid 60s but typically I wear at least three layers, sometimes four just to bear going outside! Keeping everything else neutral but the tights was a great idea with those wild tights! Loving this look on you.

Priya said...

Thanks Lauren! You totally get the layering thing NOW that you're not in SoCal anymore.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

My Husband Fixed the virus scanner problem and now I can get to your blog. :) Love how you two styled your dresses. Mustard color tight was super fun. I don't think I could pull them off.

Alysia Avé said...

You two are so cute! Love it.
Those tights are so fun, I love the color mustard! You pull them off way better than I could! Looking forward to seeing this dress again in the spring!

Alysia Ave

Alissa said...

You two are so cute together! None of my friends and I have similar enough taste to have the same dress which is kind of sad. Also totally great because then we don't steal each others clothes.

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

I'm obsessing over those tights! And the shoes. And everything else.

Danielle Wallace said...

I love how we were on the same wave length with the mustard! Your haircut seriously looks great on you! I think our hair is about the same length now haha. This scarf looks super cozy, and I imagine it was perfect for a cold day. It's up to 70 over here today! Crazy that the northeast is having a snow storm, and we're ready to jump in the pool down here (ok maybe not really). Also, I have mustard tights too!

Nina Kobi said...

Very nice post idea. Love how you styled the same dress for different seasons. xx


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love the bright yellow tights!! This outfit is so cute!! I'm totally copying this for work this week!

Priya said...

thanks Ashley :D

Larissa said...

I think your hair looks great and I loved all ways you styled this dress! I think I should make something like this too- one dress four seasons, that must be fun! My problem would just be that I will forget about it again after one season... so let me know next time you do something like this and then I am all with you! And you can remind me when its time to dress up again ;) ok???

pinkqueen said...

This outfit is amazing. I love that skirt and how everything blends so well with it.


Brynn said...

Super cute, Priya! I love the polka dots in the stripes on this dress! I have several versatile striped dresses like this, and I love them because they work SO well for all the seasons :)

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