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This title is a little cliche, but let me finish- I spent this weekend doing a few things that weren't my top choice. I really tried to be gracious, I promise! Butttt then I just turned into whiny irritable me. Since joining the work force, I've become pretty particular about my weekends. It will be very interesting one day if and when I become a mother, and have to put other's interests above my own all the time! How do you parents do it, seriously?? 
 photo IMG_7515_zpsirkud9w0.jpg
| hat: UO | scarf: Old Navy | top: H&M | belt: J.Crew | jeans: Gap | booties: Old Navy | purse: Target |

Bright side: I re-wore an outfit from last week; and even in my whiny state, Hunter took me out to lunch and snapped some photos for me. I love the way this combo of prints turned out! Also, it is freezing out (and I was freezing taking these pictures) but who says you can't wear bf jeans in the Winter? Not me! 
 photo IMG_7518_zpsml75pqye.jpg
Also, behold my beautiful new purse that I've been using every day because it fits my a) laptop b) planner c) journal d) wedding notebook and an assortment of other junk goodies. I just like to be prepared, ok! 
 photo IMG_7514_zps8wqojdui.jpg
I will never not feel slightly theatric in this hat. The day I wore this to work, I was unwillingly entered in a "Who Wore It Better" contest with a co-worker in a sombrero (har har.) Then I remembered we were hosting a large event, combined with a staff lunch so, talk about being conspicuous (or, large and in charge.) I had a personal affirmation moment in the bathroom when I was washing my hands, I looked in the mirror, and thought: ehh, I like this hat, it's fun for a day, and I like what I'm wearing, regardless. 

Actually managed to wear it now three times on the blog, here and here
 photo IMG_7504_zpsntduv6qu.jpg
After church on Sunday, Huntee & I tried out Flipside in 12 South. It's somewhat of a modern diner with the most abundant and gorgeous natural light, a chicken-filled menu, and: Trivial Pursuit on every table! I can get behind that. Also a big fan of that water jug.
 photo IMG_7492_zpshdymmfju.jpg
Huntee had breakfast Jambalya, I had the "brunch special" chicken, and we switched to vintage sports trivia after Baby Boomer trivia. Both equally difficult! But fitting for Superbowl Sunday, I suppose. 

Alright everyone, have a great start to the week! And if you feel yourself getting whiny, put on some lipstick, and shut your mouth (this is my advice, from myself, to myself ;)

Update: linked up with Ashley for Two For Tuesdays.
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Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Your advice to yourself is hilarious! So funny! Love this look! I've been wearing plaid on plaid lately because everything I have that's plaid is so warm!

Alissa said...

I pinned this before I even read the content. It is sooo good.

nicole s. said...

obsessed with this outfit. also i love your hat pep talk! i've been trying to decide if i'm going to buy one of those pretties, but i just don't think i'm a hat person. you have, however, convinced me to try booties and boyfriend jeans later this week!

Nataly said...

I love this outfit Priya!!! I love you!! I wanna meet!

Larissa said...

Wowie wow, fashionista! A hat, stripes, plaid, an intersting bag, a boyfriend jeans, red lips and cool boots!?!? This is THE blogger outfit :)! And still you make it just look super sweet and nice and not at all "oh Im such a fashionata"- like. I hope you get what I mean :D!?!? You look gorgeous, thats what I am trying to say :)

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Love this outfit. I have been wearing my b/f jeans a lot this winter time.

Danielle Wallace said...

Yepp, this outfit is perfect. I'd totally copy it if i had a red plaid scarf like that! I searched for one all Decemeber to wear on Christmas, but no such luck. I really love that hat and I love seeing them on other bloggers, but I just don't know where I could wear one to! And I'm with ya, I like my weekends to go how I want them or I'm whiny too. A good outfit like this can make it a little better though. :) That diner sound like a fun place to go!

Priya said...

Thanks Sara. I thought it might be a little harsh at the end, but I'm REALLY just telling myself that.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Nonsense, you look fabulous in that hat! Very chic and girly. Although you're quite brave for exposing your ankles! I can only do that if it's above 70. That scarf adds such a statement to this outfit. Makes me want a red plaid scarf!

Alysia Avé said...

This is an AMAZING outfit. Working that hat. You look fabulous dah-ling.

Alysia Ave

Priya said...

:D thanks girl!!

Priya said...

Thanks Nicole! You should try one out real cheap from like, F21. No harm there!

Priya said...

sweet Nataly! Same SAME! It is great to see you around here!

Priya said...

You are so sweet- I totally get what you mean. Glad I still look like myself ;)

Chelsey Patti said...

I love the outfit, including the hat!!! ;) (LOL on your self advice- haha I like it!)

Brynn said...

Hahaha, part of the reason I don't want to become a parent is because I looove having time to myself! I'm way too selfish to give that up! I love the top you're wearing in this outfit - those big, bold stripes get me every time!

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