I'm Sprung (again.)

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| necklace: Target (giveaway win) | t-shirt: H&M from Carina | skirt: handmade | flats: Old Navy |

Life is wild. Here's why: a few weeks ago, I titled a post "I'm Sprung", featuring the most Spring-y outfit I could muster, and a discussion of how much I love T-Pain (enough to use his lyrics as a blog post title.) Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago, where in a simple twist of fate- I GOT TO SEE T-PAIN in concert (long-story short: my friend had a ticket to Vanderbilt's Spring show that he gave me.) As I was standing there, overdressed in my velvet leggings, in a throng of underage, raucous college students, the air thick with smoke and Spring air, and he (they?) played this song, I was thinking about my BLOG and feeling old. How providential was that?!

The show was fun. I can't really confirm that T-Pain was there, I couldn't see very well and there were 20+ people on stage. Hype men are a real thing. I live-tweeted the whole thing and that was probably the funnest part, laughing at my own jokes since '91.

OH- I've now worn this outfit twice this Spring, and felt very Sprung both times. Got me doin' things I'll never do if u ain't been I'm tellin' you go ahead and enjoy that song and think of me!!

EDIT: I have to add that this skirt was handmade by Andrea's wonderful grandmother, not me! I can't take credit for her talent! 


Mica said...

That is a beautiful skirt, perfect for Spring and handmade? You're so talented! I like the purple chevrons with the grey :)

It's awesome you had a good time at the concert and got to hear your favourite song :)

Away From The Blue

reshma said...

Wow, you made that skirt?! looks great!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

What a coincidence! That story made me laugh. Would you say you were overdressed in your velvet leggings?? I feel like a concert would be a great place to wear them!

Unknown said...

ohhh, adorable chevron skirt, so great that you made it! Seasons are so funny, I'm crushing on Autumn and you'r crushing on Spring. Ahhh, the magic of the internet! :)

Larissa said...

This skirt is so cute and it suits you soooo well! I love it!
I hope you are doing good and I wish you a most wonderful Sunday :)

Alysia Avé said...

OMG I'm so impressed that you can make a skirt that adorable. I can't even DIY jewelry that doesn't look like a preschooler made it. You HAVE to post a tutorial!!

Alysia Ave

Unknown said...

Incredible skirt!!! Love the pattern! X

Priya said...

Ooh, I had to add: not handmade by ME! By a friend's grandma. Thank you though!

Priya said...

Normally I would agree, but everyone was wearing teeny tiny jean shorts and crop tops. So yeah, I was overdressed.

Brynn said...

This is such a great outfit, Priya! I love the skirt - I think I need to start thinking about making my own skirts (or asking my mom to make them for me, haha), as I rarely find any in the stores that I like and that work for me. Also, I love reading all your posts - you're too funny! :)

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