Current State of the Union: 5.8.15

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one last picture from last weekend in California! missing it already. 
Hi! So I'm not one to be "working for the weekend", or counting down until the weekend starting on Monday morning (generally, because I try my best to enjoy each day, and I like where I work), but oh -em-gee, TGIF,  y'all! Something about hitting the ground running after flying back from CA (and doing that after last week's conference), and some busy evenings this week have made me SO extremely excited for a relatively chill weekend. With Sunday blocked off for unpacking my suitcase, doing laundry, and cleaning my apt. Those things that just make you feel human, you know? 

Tonight we are celebrating Ethan's graduation with a little soiree at Andrea's. Congrats, E!

Then I'm not joking when I say I have no set plans for the weekend, and I'm not mad about it! The weather in Nashville is beautiful, so definitely going to get outside and enjoy it. Before long it will be all Summer storms and that unbearable humidity. Hoping to FaceTime my mom on Sunday, and I already ordered her an electric kettle that's being shipped to her as we speak. Do you guys have anything fun planned for Mother's Day? Or maybe a unique gift?

Otherwise...sometimes I just want to capture on my blog "what is going on" at the moment. Do you ever struggle to answer that question, when you see people you haven't seen in a while (last weekend, for me) and they ask "How's life?" My default response lately has been "Good! Just working...hanging out when I have the chance." I feel like I do a good (maybe too good, because sometimes it's boring) job on here chronicling life at the moment, just because that's one of my favorite parts of blogging, but I felt as though a week had gone by and wondered, "What did I actually do?" 

Ha. Whatever. Anyway. Have a wonderful weekend, you guys!

EDIT: Oh goodness, the point of this post was to write down my one-word-motto for the month. After months of eating too much, not exercising consistently, and generally not feeling awesome, my one-word-motto for May is wellness. I've broken this up into three main categories:

- consuming (Watching everything I'm eating AND drinking, basically, more of the good stuff.)
- exercising (The main goal here is to be consistent, with a mix of cardio/strength, 30 min. a day.)
- self-care (Mostly I mean sleeping 8 hours a night, but also, taking time to take care of myself.)

I'll keep this short and sweet, but if you're interested, I DO have mini-plans written up for each of these. Eleven days in, and things are going well! Definitely an improvement from last month. 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I love the title of this post. I may steal that in the future. Your California pictures make me SO excited for my two week trip there at the end of the month. With the constant rain, thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and now crazy snowfall, some Cali sunshine is just what the dr. ordered! Yay for a relaxing weekend! You so need that.

Priya said...

Sounds like it's been crazy in Denver! CA is just good for the soul, I swear. Glad you can make a trip.

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