| necklace: Amazon | top: Old Navy | jeans: Forever 21 | moccasins: Target |

Hi! I inadvertently, probably, broke my shopping ban for the year, if you're wondering. I was discussing (but not whining) to Hunter about the Old Navy emails I get, then he needed a swimsuit, then he was like, why don't you pick out something you need as well? Then I picked out a *few* things, and he was like wut? Someone is paying for the new things and it's probably me, but, I've comforted myself by rationalizing this is still the least I have spent on clothing in a year foreva eva. 

I picked up the top I'm wearing (and one just like it in black.) I would heartily recommend them both (looks like the black version is sold out but this gray one is here <-- not an affiliate link, btw.) I've always loved the silhouette of a "swing" top, though aka "trapeze" and that's more fun to say, but I haven't had one in a while. I don't know about you, but what makes a top the comfiest to me is being able to eat what I want and still feel comfortable in skinny jeans. 

This outfit is pretty simple; but I've already liked it enough to wear it twice since I got the top: for a Friday night bachelorette dinner (sub a different statement necklace and these sandals), and last night. Amir stopped through Nashville for literally 12 hours on his cross-country road-trip from NC --> CA with two buddies. We had to do some Nashville stuff really fast; so we had dinner at the Pharmacy, and hung out on Broadway for a bit. 
Really fun to see that little nugget for a sec, and now they are en route to St. Louis (or Kansas City?) Huntee is the cutest little co-tour guide as well <3 <3 


reshma said...

It's amazing that you went 5 months without breaking your no shopping rule though!! The most I've gone is like a month. The outfit looks comfy and cute... like the yellow necklace you paired with it too.

Larissa said...

I think its totally fine to break the shopping ban now, since its almost halfway trough the year and you did great so far! I am still super impressed by the fact that you do not shop for an entire year! That seems like forever to me and I would have such a hard time.. :/
The shirt looks loveley and I cant wait to see the black one in some of your next outifts ;)
Oh and thank you so much for your comments! They made me really happy!
Have a a great day Priya!

Nothing but a Pigeon said...

I don't think I could go a month without at least buying a little bobble or trinket from a thrift store... I think that's bad right? Ugh... 5 months is amazing so don't feel bad. This top is the bomb! I love a good trapeze top! Crap, now I have to go to Old Navy today....

Anonymous said...

Wow 12 hours that is crazy! I bet you really did have to act fast to fit some stuff in haha. sounds like you made the most of it. I think your no spending idea is incredible - I didn't think I was that bad but I've started keeping a detailed log of my finances and have been shocked that over 50% has been on stuff like clothes. In the last two weeks!! So I have been well and truly woken up to my crazy spending habits.. look out for a thrifty blog post coming soon from me no doubt.

Anywya musings aside, great outfit! The necklace really makes it, I love bright colours n grey tops. XX

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

congrats on going 5 month with out shopping. Love this casual outfit.


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Uh oh, broke the shopping ban? haha Well at least you got some great basics! That grey top looks just lovely on you. That yellow necklace looks like it was made to match with that top. I love the combo so much. Oh and it makes me happy that you got to see your brother for a short time! I can't wait to be back in Cali in a week!

Unknown said...

This outfit looks so incredibly comfy! Flowy and relaxed, perfect for summer.


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