Snapshots of Life, X

And once again, it has been a sizzling hot minute since I rounded up some snapshots around here! I like to think of these as tiny moments of life, not significant enough to have made it on my blog, separately, but still significant enough to not be forgotten. Here's what you've missed:

February/March (left to right)
 photo snapshotsX_zpsul57potk.jpg
our friends Blake & Faith got married in the middle of an ice storm (congrats guys!) I had a cute date
this is Stella and she loves Huntee (file under: animals acting like humans)
that awk moment when your friends look like the twins from The Shining (at Amanda's wedding)
this is the exact afternoon when Andrea asked me to be her bridesmaid! 

 photo snapshotsXapril_zpspvgvw9ls.jpg
all the props to Carina for sending me this (now it keeps popping up in my head)
loved getting to Skype this cute face and talk WEDDING
Amir & I with our "Easter bags" c/o Huntee
I love this picture! lunch + cookie date with Huntee at the Puffy Muffin

 photo snapshotsXmay_zpsbuq8rbgu.jpg
we saw Newsies (Valentine's Day present? I think?) and omgomgomg theater4ever, cried three times
I play ping-pong all the time (especially on Wednesdays) and I started shuffleboard! I like it!
we picked flowers on a hike and I put them in a cool glass bottle and felt very domestic #marryme
our buddy Ethan got his masters in science or something and this was his awesome cake. the engineers rejoiced!

 photo snapshotsXjune_zpsp1fbkije.jpg
Nashville Sounds game with Art, Huntee, and Matt (made Art take this selfie, sorry for the half-faces)
June 6th, 2015: Hunter lists me as his emergency contact. #relationshipgoal: √
the most perfect Nashville night after the most perfect Nashville day, CMA Fest!
this past weekend! on a pontoon boat with some girlfriends (and guyfriends!)

The snapshots of days of old can be found here: 9 // 8 // 7 // 6 // 5 // 4 // 3 // 2 // 1


reshma said...

I love to scrapbook and so this post idea is right up my alley! It's always fun to look back to even those small moments that brought you happiness along the way... actually some of those are the best when you think back! Btw.. that cake looks pretty cool and I'm loving the fuchsia and orange combo of your bathing suit! :)

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

looks like you have been having a fun year so far. That cake looks amazing.


Priya said...

There's just so many random things that otherwise go forgotten! Thanks, I got a new suit kinda for my birthday :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You've been busy as always! Do you do anything special with your photos? You always have so many to share! I'm terrible at taking pictures. I tend to just live in the moment and not even think about it--regretting it later!

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