You Know You...

| earrings: gift from Amanda | blouse: from Jamie | blazer: H&M | skirt: Old Navy | heels: H&M |

This outfit made me feel SO Gossip Girl. Like, more than anything I have ever worn. So naturally, I wanted to title this "You Know You Love Me", but I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. "Fashion blogging" --> posting photos of and talking about myself on the reg feels vain as it is, most times, without an insufferable post title. So anyway,

I purchased this blazer on my birthday and have been wearing it about once a week! I absolutely love it. This blouse was given to me second hand from a co-worker, and I can't believe it took me months to wear it. It's simple and gorgeous, and dry clean only. Very unfortunate, because if I look glisten-y in these photos, it's because I stepped outside for a few minutes to take photos, and starting sweating buckets. That's how hot and humid it's been in Nashville lately. Of course, I sit in a freezing office during the day, so that's why I always have long-sleeves. 

As this post is going up, would you like to know what I'm actually up to in the middle of this weekend? How about a verbal weekend update

I'll be in Florida from Thursday night until Saturday, because Sundar is getting his wings (!), and my Mom and Tarif are flying out. Back in time Saturday night for Erik & Caitlin's wedding. Then Sunday night I'm seeing Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa in concert! And Hunter is on vacation with his family this whole time until Wednesday :( thus, my weekend of mostly solo activity! It's a doozy! 

You can follow along via Twitter and Instagram in the meantime, if you like! Talk to you soon!


Larissa said...

Wow! What a look! But before telling how beautiful you look and I have to ask - you bought the blazer on your birthday? So the no-shopping challenge is over? Or did you take a birthday break?
Okay, now back to the topic - wow! You look like the most sophisticated lady ever! The blouse looks like great on you (is it silk? It looks like!) and this blazer is just sooo pretty, I would really like to borrow it for a couple of weeks (even though I have a similar one).
Sending much love!

Priya said...

Ha- I allowed myself to buy a new outfit on my birthday, and I also bought this blazer, just because! It's *kinda* over, though I'm still trying not to shop! Totally bending the rules for myself :)

This blouse is silk, and just a magnificent hand-me-down. Nothing I would buy on my own!! Thanks Larissa!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

LOVE IT!! Don't you look super cute and professional! You could totally be on Gossip Girl in this outfit!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You are definitely channeling your inner Blair Waldorf here! All you need is a headband and knee socks! I think you've got yourself a Halloween costume girl!

Nothing but a Pigeon said...

Ooooooo! I love this look and I can see why it reminds you of Gossip Girl! I have a similar blush pink blazer that is just hanging in my closet that I haven't worn yet but am dying to. It's just too hot right now but maybe in the Winter... this outfit looks so good on you and I love the white and blush tones.

Priya said...

Didn't even think about that. Thanks girl!

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