Monthly Goals, August

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Peanut and I take over a "cliff" at Center Hill Lake

It's the last day of the month, and I'm feeling pretty relieved. Summer has left me feeling a little bit burnt out; and though I try to never complain (or even lament) about being busy, because this is how I operate best, I can't shake the sentiment of just wanting to "do nothing, forever!" 

So anyway, a look at how I did on my monthly resolutions in August:
- I took two big trips this month: California for Jacqui's bach/bridal weekend, and Charleston for Andrea's bachelorette party
- I may have missed live music for the first time all year. Unless we're counting the various house bands in Nashville bars etc.
- I saw nearly every member of my family, between going home AND having sibs visit me!
- Hunter suggested gumption as my one-word-motto for the month...I basically didn't think twice about it.
- I didn't host a dinner, party, or dinner party or read a book.
- I wrote a couple cards for bridal stuff, & I'm planning to write letters that have been in the works for TOO long, this afternoon.

I probably give myself a C for the month of August. Not terrible, and nothing should keep me from hosting, reading, and going to shows next month!

Looking forward to September, my one-word-motto for the month is simple. No really, it's simple (couldn't resist.) I'm making plans to not make plans, trying my best to do one thing at a time, and focusing on enjoying life more with clarity, instead of a preoccupied mind. So wish me luck with that. Seriously though, now that all the bachelorette parties are over, I might need a new hobby ;) more on THAT, real soon! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You did so much this month! Even if you didn't read or host a dinner party. And hey, a month you see everyone in your family is a great month!

Priya said...

I would agree :) that might be my most important resolution.

nicole s. said...

I LOVE that you do a different word a month, and I think simple is the perfect word for September. You've been so busy with bachelorette parties (please do a tips post for planning a great one! I need to plan one for early 2016 and I'm clueless!), I can't wait to see what hobby you pick next!

Priya said...

Thanks, Nicole! My bridesmaids 101 series is in the works :)

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