Sweater Best

| vest: Local Honey Nashville | dress: gift from Katie (ASOS) | booties: Target | purse: vintage (giveaway win) |

My wonderful friend Katie gifted me this dress when I was home in June for Jenae's wedding. I wore it non-stop for about a week (how I wore it on the 4th of July- here!); and while it was cool for the Summer, (to borrow words from our friend Demi Lovato) I've been itching to style it for Fall. Though there's a guideline of not wearing white after Labor Day, I follow a different rule- in 2015, there's no such thing as color rules! The simple fabric and style of this dress asks, nay, BEGS to be layered with a sweater, tights, scarves, all the Fall goodies. You know what I mean. 

Last week I was hit with a realization: booties are absolutely the shoe of the moment, AND I have but two pairs to my name (black and brown suede.) Both a brown leather and taupe suede pair seem like essentials. Though all I've ever really wanted were the cognac Madewell booties, I've settled for this nice, sensible pair from Target. Way to shop within your current means, Priya. Especially since I'm not "supposed to be" shopping at all! Btw- Target has oodles of booties right now. If Madewell is not really in your budget either, check them out! 

Uh that's about it! How was your weekend? I just want you to know that I packed up Hunter's kitchen in about 30 minutes yesterday. Not to detract from my moving prowess, but he only owns like four plates and about 25 pint glasses. Boy kitchens, amiright? He was so pleased, I thought he might get down on a knee and ask me to marry him SPOILER ALERT: he didn't. Otherwise, not a terrible Monday. 


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I need to know your friends because they are always giving you cute clothes! Haha! Adorable as usual, Priya! Also, those booties are cuuuuuuute!
Sincerely, Sara

Priya said...

Haha this dress was actually a birthday present, but I do get a lot of random, wonderful hand-me-downs!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

love you vest. Have a great week


reshma said...

Totally agree with Sara! You've gotten some awesome friends! ;) I love white in any season... I like to be a rebel too.
I totally agree with you a good black and brown bootie is essential for fall/winter. I scored some good ones last fall and wore them with everything!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Ok, you had me FREAKING OUT for a second! I thought you were serious! Tricky tricky. haha Oh yes, booties are ALL over the place lately! And yes, who follows that crazy white rule??

Bri Marie said...

This outfit is AMAZING!! Those booties with the white dress are absolutely gorgeous :)

Priya said...

Where did you find your black and brown booties?

Priya said...

Ha, sorry about that :D

Priya said...

Thanks so much Bri!

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