Weekend Update: Twinning in Nashville

clockwise: photobombers at Live on the Green, my happy place at Fall Creek Falls, Tuppy and a BULL at the TN State Fair, being jokers at Monell's, a "wobbly bridge!" that a young tour guide advised us to check out, the state FAIR!  
Basically since I came to Nashville in 2009, I've had this dream that my twin brothers (I've written about them a bunch, here and here too) would come visit me at the same time. Years later, this dream materialized into this past weekend. It was just as I hoped; the three musketeers, together again, laughing and giving Amir a hard time. I know for a fact that the three of us can have fun doing anything, because we tested this growing up (weddings? Check. Parent's errands? Check. India? Check.)

Tuppy flew in Wednesday night, and Amir joined us Friday night after almost getting stranded in Chicago. I was so happy I could've cried that he made it on stand-by, just in time to see Passion Pit on Friday night. We spent all weekend at Live on the Green actually (I wrote about this awesome Nashville thing last year), seeing Rodrigo y Gabriella Thursday night, Passion Pit Friday, and Ben Folds on Saturday. I know what you're thinking. Yeah, I finished up some last minute Summer goals.

We spent Saturday during the day at Fall Creek Falls, which was incredible! The weather was just gorgeous, and it may be my favorite TN State Park I've visited (so far.)

Sunday we got Tarif some "country food" (his first request) at Monell's, and then visited the Tennessee State Fair, which was hilarious. It was quite the experience for the twins, including deep-fried oreos, a prize bull show, and a rabbit barn. 

So yeah, we really packed it in this weekend, and I slept SO WELL last night :)

Those two are just my buddies; I'm already missing them and looking forward to their next visit. Thanks for coming, and making my dreams come true, Amir and Tarif!

P.S. I'm leaving for California with Hunter tomorrow. 
P.P.S. Hunter closes on his place today! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Aww these pictures are so cute!! How great that they were both able to visit you at the same time! It sounds like you had another fun-filled packed to the brim weekend! Wow Hunter is going with you to Cali?? How fun is that! I'm jealous you're headed there. One of these days, we'll both be in Cali at the same time. It will happen!

reshma said...

I love with siblings and family come to visit! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Congrats to Hunter on his new place and hope you're already having a blast in Cali! :)

Priya said...

For sure. Our parents live too close to each other for it NOT to happen.

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