| blouse: H&M | necklace: J.Crew (gift) | jeans: Old Navy | heels: J.Crew via Carina | lipstick: Pacifica in "Tender Heart"
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I'm so passionate about my favorite color (guess. Purple!) that I refer to it as a "lifestyle." But recently I've decided I have a strong runner-up: chartreuse. 

This is a good time for me to break the news that my favorite coat has completely disappeared. Like...I'm almost more upset that I don't know what happened to it, instead of being upset because it's gone. Thank you, favorite coat. You were a bold choice that never let me down, and always kept me warm. Sorry I am such a dork about the sentimental value of apparel (like these shoes or these boots.) 

The point of all of this being- this coat is where my love affair with chartreuse began. It's a statement color that's somewhere between yellow and green, but not entirely either. 

I picked up this blouse at H&M in Helsinki over the holidays, on super sale. I've been pretending that this is the Banana Republic one I've had my eyes on for SO long (at a fraction of the price.) I thought it begged to be paired with a punchy statement necklace and leopard print!

Oh- and the story behind this "up-do"? I use those big claw clips in my hair, daily, (mostly while I'm brushing my teeth/doing my make-up), and somedays, they stay in my hair for work! This ended up looking like a chignon in the front, just don't look at the back ;) I was pretty pleased with it and it was SO nice having my hair out of my face for work!

So this is my second outfit post of the year? I'm feeling pretty good getting dressed these days. I'm constantly editing my closet (Poshmark is helping with that SO much!), I'm using a garment rack (I need to write a whole blog post about that, seriously) and when I get stumped, I'm turning to my "outfits to try" board on Pinterest. 

Where do you turn for easy inspo when you're feeling stumped with your closet? 


Larissa said...

Wow, so I am learning more and more about pinterest and I think its really cool that you can use it for outfit inspiration and I wonder why I do not have a pinterst board with all the outfits I would like to make from my cloest... but probably its because I am afraid it will consume too much time to make it. Also love that you are selling your old clothes online - I buy most of my clothes on a similar (German) platform but I am always too lazy to sell. Lucky me that I have a pretty nice second hand shop around the corner which likes to buy everything I am getting tired off :)
Oh and you look SUPERBE in this mustard blouse!

reshma said...

This look is so flawless and chic! Absolutely my favorite look!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You and Nicole are the only bloggers I've ever seen rock chartreuse. It's quite a wild color but yet, in this outfit, it looks perfect. By the way, those jeans look incredible on you!

I use those claw clips too! They're the easiest way to keep you hair out of the way. I use mine mainly after the shower to keep it out of the way when I put lotion on. If I could get the front to look that good, I would wear it out of the house once in awhile!

fashchronicles said...

OMG! I love all these elements together. Great top and great shoes!!

Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

Unknown said...

GIRL those jeans. They seriously fit you absolutely perfectly. I have been reading good things about Old Navy jeans, but my perfect inseam is like literally 25 inches so I have to be super particular. I recently picked up a tortoiseshell claw clip from J. Crew and it changed my life!


BTW- SUPER pumped about your visit to Asheville. Hit me up if you need recommendations! I will be in the area!

Alysia Avé said...

I can't with this whole outfit; it is just TOO GOOD. I want to copy everything about this look!

Alysia Ave

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