Layers & Lockets

| sweater: Old Navy | button-up: American Eagle | locket: super old H&M | jeans: 7 For All Mankind (gift from Carina) | socks: Target | booties: Target | watch: c/o JORD |

*photos by Adriane Smith Creative

Guys- my current set-up with my co-worker/photographer (read the full story here) is pretty sa-weet. I mean, have you ever had someone say to YOU "Hey, you look cute! Are we taking some pics today?" If you're anything like me (formerly), you were begging anyone- your neighbor, your mailman, your dog, to take pictures for your blog. Now I'm trying to keep up with blogging sets of photos :D which never happens! 

This outfit is a pin for the win from this pin. I loved the way this layering looked- and realized I could pull it off with my own closet! How'd I do? Check out my outfits to try board and my pin for the win board, if you like! If you have anything similar going with your closet/Pinterest, share with me! 

I don't think I could ever have enough neutral colored sweaters. At most recent count, I have like six! They are the most perfect layering piece. I had looked for a really oversized one for a while (criteria --> one that follows the leggings as pants rule) and found this one at Old Navy on clearance. It's a size large, which is really the key here! I never know how to order things online to fit over-sized, picking them up in the store is really the way to go! 

My only regret with these photos? I didn't open my locket to show you what's inside- the best picture of me, Jenae, and Jacqui wearing fake mustaches/beards Sophomore year of high school. You know, just some timeless, classy stuff! 

Though I'm not wearing this exact outfit today, I am wearing the sweater + locket combo. You know what happens when you move, you just keep wearing the same three things even when your sweater has a stain on it.

Happy weekend, everyone! I'm headed to Asheville, NC for a quick getaway; pumped as always to see a new city, explore, and forget about unpacking the rest of my new house! Talk to you soon. 


Meghan @ Hayes Days said...

Enjoy Asheville! It's one of my favorite places to visit! I wish I had someone to take my outfit photos. My husband is so reluctant he said he would rather buy me a nicer camera and a remote than have to take my pictures. lol.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I'm loving this layered look Priya! Doesn't it feel like you're so on top of things when you have a small backlog of pictures? Yay for your new photographer!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

This layered look is so cute! I love that locket! Unique necklaces are the best! I always love when I have a backlog of pictures; makes me feel so accomplished! :)

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