We've Only Just Begun

| hat & sweater: Urban Outfitters | t-shirt: H&M | jeans: secondhand Gap | clogs: Old Navy | watch: c/o JORD

So I legitimately, statistically, wear this hat once a year (2015 / 2014 / 2013). I work in an office that is extremely casual, like, the only heels I ever wear are my beloved clogs; so I always feel a liiiitle bit costume-y when I break it out. I used to not consider myself a hat person at all, until I realized, we can ALL persuade ourselves that we're hat people when our hair is dirty enough ;) 

With all these 70's elements combined (flares + clogs + drapey sweater + floppy hat!) this outfit felt more boho than anything I ever wear; it was one of those that grew on me throughout the day.

The lip color I'm wearing here is the Pacifica Power of Love Natural lipstick in Sweet One (reviewed in my currently / beauty segment for January.) It's a darker neutral color that I would have never picked for myself- I love that about beauty subscription services! I've been wearing it all week, and the beauty girls in my office have been buzzin'. 

Life has been busier lately than I prefer- I've been in a stretch of a few weeks where I've had something every night after work, and then taken off for the weekend! I can't complain, but I'm ready to do a little bit of nothing. My mom is coming to town on Friday afternoon for the weekend, she hasn't visited Nashville since I graduated college (it'll be three years in May- WUT?) She's definitely more chill than a typical weekend guest :) so hoping for snuggles and cooking at home. 

P.S. This title is a nod to the quintessential 70's musical group- the Carpenters! I think I've failed to mention (not sure how) that I've been obsessed with them since Christmas. Here's my favorite oldies playlist, (heavy on Karen Carpenter) if you're interested!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

your rocking that hat. Have fun with your mom.


Alissa said...

Why do you look like a pro model and how do I look like that?
The Adored Life

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I'm loving this 70s look Priya! Those clogs make every outfit more fun! The Carpenters sponsored the music hall at my Alta mater! I hope you and your mom have the relaxing weekend you need :)

Elana said...

Just want to give myself props for a sec and point out that I totally started humming this song as soon as I read the title. I grew up on the Carpenters! LOVE.

What I also love? How awesome your new photographer is. You've always looked gorgeous in your posts, but this just takes it to a new level. You really look like a pro and it makes me want to move to Nashville so that you can teach me your ways. Also, you seriously rock this hat.


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love these pictures! So cute! I LOVE this hat on you! You need to wear it more than once a year!

Larissa said...

Thank you for your comment Priya! I have been waiting for you :)
I love this nice little outfit and also enjoyed scrolling your the last couple of outfit posts!
I never wear a hat even though I think they are really cool - but I am like you, I feel overdressed when wearing one, so I keep to my simple looks :)
Have a great new week!

Priya said...

you are too nice, haha, thanks girl!

Priya said...

Uh that is awesome about your alma mater!!

Priya said...

Thank you! It is so nice to have someone take photos for me. You know exactly what I mean :)

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