Current State of the Union, 3.28.16

Currently / life: isn't this Paper Source desk calendar an absolute gem??
+ And in March 2016, everything changed. Things have been different and weird for me. Don't feel too bad- I haven't been sharing much in real life, let alone on my blog (this might explain the less personal tone around here, if you've noticed.) Real life will eventually trickle down to perfectlyP as it always does, and in the meantime, if you want to know anything, dear reader, just ask! 
+ Apart from that drama (sorry!) Spring is good. Regardless of your religious affiliation, you can't deny that Spring, and this past weekend in particular, signals some rebirth and rejuvenation. And thank goodness, right? 
+ I've been in town with no visitors for the past month- this is unusual for me! I feel myself physically yearning to get away, especially to the coast (you can take the girl out of California...) Alas, I have no plans for a beach trip, but will have a full, busy month of hosting out of town guests (Steph! Jacqui! Carina!) and hopefully time for a night away. 
Currently / wish-listing: And is often the case, recent emotional upheaval resulted in SO MUCH online shopping! Whew! 
+ Scandinavian design is onmymind (when is it not?) Ladies & gentleman, boys & girls, set an alert in your iPhone for when the Marimekko + Target collection is released in stores on April 17th. See, Marimekko is literally in my blood- I've been wearing this colorful Finnish brand since I was a tot. So needless to say, I went b a n a n a s when I heard about this collab. i WILL be getting my hands on the ^ Kukkatori tunic ^, also have my eyes on the Appelsiini top. Oh, and everything really.
+ Also bought this Taria tunic via kiitosmarimekko.com after thinking about it since my Finland trip over the holidays
+ Fun Priya fact: I have never in my life owned Chuck Taylors. I've always dreamed of some black hi-tops, and though I'm over my shoe quota for the month, maybe soon. Now that sneaks can be worn with anything [again?], I'm into it! 
+ If you've read literally another post on my blog, you KNOW that my obsession with clogs is real and wonderful. They give me the height I want, the retro/t-strap style I adore, and OHTHECOMFORT! I had pretty much decided to invest in some real Swedish Hasbeens after my cheapy Old Navy clogs ate it, since I've loved them so much. Well, I was advising a friend at work about clogs, happened upon the Hasbeens website, and one thing led to another...these are just the style I wanted, and they are on an awesome sale (still sizes & two colors available!) I can vouch for these 1000%- so, so, good, you guys. 

Currently / pop culture:
+ I haven't been watching hardly anything, besides the occasional March Madness (on record: if Oklahoma wins it all, I WIN my office bracket challenge. Yeah. GO SOONERS!), and Broad City. This show is not for the faint of heart. But it is entirely wacky and has absolutely destroyed me on several evenings. Seriously, idk, how they come up with that stuff.
+ Also in true Priya form, I finally watched Obvious Child last night, and have decided I am totally obsessed with Jenny Slate, in every way. Obvious Child is a dram-edy that will definitely throw you for a loop, make you laugh, and likely cry. But don't take my word for it! 
+ I've mostly been listening to dumb playlists I've assembled when the inspiration strikes (fine / 3.19 / if you had a twin i would still choose you) there's a lot of repeats on those, probz.
+ LOTS OF RIHANNA! She played in Nashville and I have a decent amount of regret for not going. I did, however, make a greatest hits playlist (called RI-babes, a play on my nickname Pri-babes) as some sort of consolation. 
+ The one album I'm really into right now is Carnavas- Silversun Pickups, I'm going to see them in May, and realized I should listen to them a little more...this album is super good, guys. 
+ My #tbt track for this round is "You & I" - Lady Gaga. Remember how good this song is?? I have also decided that it is THE most perfect karaoke song. Me, singing this, coming soon to a Nashville karaoke hot spot near you! 

*Follow me on Spotify but don't judge me, ok?*
Currently / beauty: clockwise, and how cute is this ipsy bag right??
+ Behold, the most perfect Easter manicure shade- Peri-wink by Milani Cosmetics! Honestly this polish is not that great...but the shade was absolutely clutch for this weekend! Three cheers for Spring manis! 
+ This is more so a shout-out to how much I love theBalm products in general. Clever branding, gorg colors/shades, and inventive products- I'm sold! The Stainiac works for both lips and cheeks. While stains are generally not my favorite lip product, and I didn't find it to be pigmented enough for blush, I enjoyed sampling another theBalm product. 
+ Beauty friend Kelley recently sold me on Revlon Color Burst lip gloss in Bellini as the answer to everyone's problems. Wear it alone, wear it over any color to tone down the shade and gloss it up. I had looked for this at Ulta before finding a tube in my own room. Now it's in heavy rotation!
+ Last month I reviewed the NYX liquid lipstick that I had picked up at Ulta. This month I got another (nude) shade in my ipsy bag- which is a WIN for ipsy if I've ever had one! ^ Soft-spoken ^ IS my natural lip color (+ a little polished matte), and now the girls at the office have a little saying "Soft-spoken all day every day."
+ My bossmom/beauty friend Christine really has me sold on anything in crayon form. This treStique shadow crayon works as an all-over shadow, but maybe better as an eyeliner. I now have this in three colors, "Aspen Green" being my least favorite, but, a cool-girl alternative to black eyeliner. 

*If you are interested in signing up for ipsy OR Birchbox for $10/month, you can find my referral links here: ipsy // Birchbox. Loads more ipsy/Birchbox product reviews here. *
What's tickling your fancy this Spring, in beauty, pop culture, wish-lists, or life? Share with me! Thanks for following along.


Unknown said...

OH those shoes!!! I need to find a way to fit them in my budget!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Priya! I just read about this Marimekko+Target collection a few days ago and immediately thought about you. We can't buy it here, it's for you guys only. So glad you like and write about Scandinavian design (for some reason I'm a huge fan too), I bought my yellow pair of hasbeens about five years ago and still like them a lot. Marjo

Brynn said...

Thinking about you, girly - hope things are going okay in your world!!

Also, I fully support your want of Chucks - they're my favorite shoes!

reshma said...

March is typically always been my favorite month of the year, but this year it's been a little off for myself as well. Whatever it is/was that different or weird this month for you, I'm sure your positive attitude is going to guide you back to your perfectlyP life! *thinking of you* :)

Unknown said...

Oh I do hope you're ok Priya. If you ever want to off-load or chat or something to a friend across the pond then you can always reach out to me - I know I'm not the best at commenting back regularly but I do care! I hope you're alright.

In another news, ohmygoodness Marimekko are one of my favourite Finnish designs, such wonderful colours and patterns! I'm planning a trip to Helsinki this summer and seeing the Marimekko shop is one of my absolute must-sees :) xxx

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