Graphic Tee Time #4 + link-up!

| glasses: Target | necklace: H&M | tee: WhatNashville | skirt: Ralph Lauren from Mom | clogs: Swedish Hasbeens

photos edited with VSCOCam / by Adriane Smith Creative (& an iPhone 6!)

I'm so excited to present the grand finale of #GraphicTeeTime, co-hosted by Shades of Sarah! We've come a long way, y'all. You let me geek out about space. You let me harp about the golden state. And you didn't leave my side when I told you I was a Beastie Boys fan. For that and more, I will be forever grateful. 

Yesterday (when I wore this outfit because I'm so editorial about blogging you guys!) I went to Happy Hour with some co-workers, and a friend straight up said to me "Priya can you please give me some tips for wearing a graphic tee?" You KNOW how much I loved that. 

I said to her (a LOT of things) what I keep saying: I love graphic tees because they're the perfect way to showcase your weird interests that might otherwise go unsaid. 

Additionally, while I realize minimalism and solid colors and stripes are V FASHION right now (don't get me wrong, I love this aesthetic too!), I'm a maximalist at heart that will never tire of kitschy prints and funny graphic tees. So there's my last little soap box on graphic tees (for now!)

This tee came to me via a co-worker's husband, who is an awesome designer! ^ Linked to the etsy shop above, which doesn't seem to be currently selling this tee, but I'm sure you could get a hold of one if you wanted! This skirt (previously worn here) is a very random, gorgeous hand-me-down from my mom, who had gotten it from someone else, years ago? She had it hanging in her closet and came across it once when I was home, and it took me three seconds to steal it.

This is the blog debut of my *NEW CLOGS*! You guys, they are so perfect. Not quite as comfy as my trusty-cheapy Old Navy clogs, but once I break them in, they will be! If you're on the fence about some Swedish Hasbeens- DO IT. Finally, this bun in my hair came to me via a very busy week. Haha, yikes. 

Here's a look at the different ways Sarah & I have worn our graphic tees:
linkup button-final
teapot graphic by Taylor

Now- you know what to do! LINK UP BELOW! 

All we're asking is that you 1) grab the button and add it to your post, and 2) follow along with me and Sarah, however you choose (Bloglovin', Twitter, Pinterest, whatever!) Oh yeah, and share the ish out of your post using #GraphicTeeTime. 

Any recent-ish post is fine, and the link-up will be live for a while (no worries if you're still getting that look together.) 

Can't wait to see your graphic tee outfit! Thank YOU for following along with #GraphicTeeTime! And a special thank you to my wonderful co-host, Sarah. Graphic tees 4ever & ever!


Jeans and a Teacup said...

I love how you styled the graphic tee! That skirt is really unique - yay for hand-me-downs!
Jeans and a Teacup

Sarah | Shades of Sarah said...

Love love love this! That skirt is a great statement piece! Also lol at how we both picked slightly-musical-but-not-related shirts without coordinating. Our tees are all over the place...in a good way! Also, the blog friendship tag? I'm honored!

~ Sarah | Shadesofsarah.com

Unknown said...

I love your shoes so much and how comfy they look. I should probably invest in more comfy, higher-quality shoes sometimes soon. I just love how you styled this graphic tee too. I enjoy styling my t-shirts and showing off some of my pop culture interests with them. Also your skirt has such a neat pattern! Love this whole look!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Priya said...

of course the blog friendship tag! :)

Priya said...

Thank you! They have been such a great purchase. But yeah, definitely took me a while to start investing in higher-quality stuff. I've gotta check out some of your tees!

Valery Brennan said...

LOOOOOVE this linkup and can't wait to participate more! Thanks for hosting!

Valery Brennan

Unknown said...

I know we're discussing the shirt but that skirt is also freaking AMAZING. xxx

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