Riddle Me This:

Friday, May 27



| sweater: secondhand Urban Outfitters | dress: Virtue Asheville | boots: Frye (on sale @ Nordstrom now!) |

So let's say we go on a trip to Jacksonville, FL. Spend two nights there. Continue on down to Tallahassee, FL. From there, cruise over to Sarasota, FL. Where are we? 

New York, New York!

Yeah this has nothing to do with anything, but if you can make sense of that riddle, can you PLEASE help a sister out? The guys on our Sales team have been driving me absolutely insane with riddles like that this week. I hate riddles. These have been no exception. I never know what kind of people read this blog so, if you happen to be a riddler, or have any insight...just let me know what you think. It has something to do with professional sports teams. 

I picked up this dress on my trip to Asheville in February. I actually saw it in the window walking by and had to go in and check it out. I'm not sure if you can even see all the things I like about it; including the "handkerchief" pattern, stitching on the front, and tasseled ties and cut-out on the back. If you find yourself in Asheville, I definitely recommend checking out Virtue- they had so many unique and pretty dresses for really reasonable prices! 

The spot where Adriane & I took these photos is one of my favorite vistas in Nashville. It's perched on the top of our amphitheater, and I frequently run through it from my office. There's probably not a better view of the city in town (well, the pedestrian bridge at night. Good point.) It was SO windy up there when we took these! 

In other news...I can't put my finger on exactly why or how, but it's been a rough week. I have been looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend since...oh, Monday afternoon? Memorial Day weekend means some time away, and an extra day off, and maybe most importantly, the start of a new season. By that I mean Summer, but hopefully also a new life season. 

So, happy Friday. We've nearly made it. Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend everyone! 

perfectly Priya's 10 Wardrobe Essentials

Wednesday, May 25

I've always been fascinated by lists of people's favorite items in their closet; the workhorses, the items they can't live without, the ones they'd save from a burning building, etc. etc. I think the mystique that comes with it, for me, is that at any point, you could re-set or re-start your wardrobe, using these pieces as a springboard.

Really, there are several fantastic applications. This "capsule" will narrowly define your personal style. These are pieces you can pack for a trip without thinking twice. These are piece that will always be winners when you're in a styling rut, or just a getting out the door in the morning rut (me nearly every day!)

So when I got to thinking about what my 10, favorite, most reliable, perfectly Priya pieces in my closet were- it was actually quite easy! These 10 pieces jumped off my blog as the quintessential items that make up my personal style. I actually loved putting this post together.

*Disclaimer: some of these are really basic, duhs, that I can almost guarantee would be on your list as well. And that's okay- classics are classics because they're classic. The real fun part was choosing the items that are a little different, maybe off the beaten path, but distinctly me!

Let's go!
1. black skinny jeans | exact 
I'm now on my 4th pair of these exact pants- the Old Navy Rockstar jeans (although these days I'm partial to mid-rise!) Why I ever thought I could live without black jeans is beyond me. They're the cool cousin of black slacks, appropriate, always; dressy, and casual. I don't go on a trip without them. I've styled them maybe 100 times on my blog, which is reason enough for them to top my list. 
2. bright coat | similar / blue puffer / yellow
Because let's face it, coat weather is gloomy weather, and you're probably wearing all neutrals underneath anyway. A brightly colored coat that fits well is the easiest way to feel chic and put-together in five seconds. The rest of your outfit is basically irrelevant at this point. This chartreuse "wool" one was my favorite until I randomly lost it? Love ^ this uber girly option from H&M (a total impulse purchase!) too. 
3. jean jacket | similar / similar 
I joked at first that I "never leave home without" my jean jacket, but then I realized it's totally true! You've heard me talk about how I got this jacket and how long I've had it too many times, and I even did a full remix post with it one time. Jean jackets are the quintessential timeless piece, and so relevant now, when casual, model-off-duty, street style IS high fashion. Just now writing this post, I can confirm that it is my most blogged about item. It truly keeps getting better with age. 
By this I really just mean a pant option that isn't denim (I didn't even mention jeans on this list because DUH they are the biggest no-brainer essential.) Whether your lifestyle calls for "slacks" or not, you will find yourself utilizing a non-jean option. A skinny black pant is eternally chic, a tuxedo twist takes you out of office territory, yes you can wear cargo pants, and I have worn the ish out of my "lucky" emerald green brocade pants
5. neutral cardigan | similar 
I've basically excused myself forever for buying neutral/cream/blush/tan sweaters whenever I find them, because they are extremely versatile and the ultimate layering piece! Year-round, they are the perfect tagalong to the office, on a plane, or an evening out. In colder weather, swap a neutral cardi or sweater for a blouse for a cozier outfit. Bonus that they work on top of any dress or skirt you could dream up! They have completed many an outfit on the blog. 
6. knit dress | tee shirt (exact) / fit & flare / swing / sleeveless swing (<-- can't wait to get my hands on this one!) 
Ah, the knit dress. Aka the "day dress", because you can wear one all day long. For example, the day ^ this photo was taken was a Saturday I spent at a birthday party, then running around with friends from out of town. Dresses like this are the perfect solution for when you know you'll be going all day, but still want to look cute and put-together (I always freak a bit getting dressed on those days!) In 2016, they come in every color and fit (all hail the swing dress); I buy mine pretty exclusively at Old Navy, but you can get them nearly everywhere. I've worn tee shirt, fit & flare, and swing style knit dresses around here before, and never leave home without one. 
7. silk blouse | exact in white
Obviously you need t-shirts and button-ups forever; but as I've moved from a very casual student wardrobe to a casual professional one, silk blouses have become a go-to. They seem to me like the insta-luxe cousin of a button-up, that look just as cool and classy tucked into jeans or a pencil skirt. I've got them in stripes, solids, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve and will probably keep on adding to my collection. 
Leggings- the chic way to wear loungewear- am I right? In the year 2016, I believe you can wear leggings as pants- I opt to keep my tush covered, and in the event of a ^ real outfit ^ (to work or anything other than hanging around/running errands) I opt for velvet, ponte knit, or "active" type leggings, to take it up a notch from your basic knit. Wear them responsibly, ladies!

9. graphic tee | a few I like: emojis / retro destination / flamingoes! / seashell / pizza / sassy
You knew this was going to be on the list, right? I've blogged extensively about my love for graphic tees (Graphic Tee Week / Graphic Tee Time) and, truly, I just can't get enough! They are like candy for me, the random-er, the better. ^ This outfit ^ has to be one of my favorite instances of styling a graphic tee, ever. It's too easy to wear a colorful, fun tee and look like you're still in high school; but this hit the nail on the head for how I want to wear tees as a young professional. Dress 'em up, dress 'em down, but always have a few in your closet to show off your favorite things. 

10. full skirt | gingham / palm print (LOVE this!) / orange pleats
Once again, you can substitute the skirt silhouette of your choice here- and mine would be full! I've been a skirt girl since before I was a dress girl, basically since I started dressing a little girlier (middle school?) Since then, I haven't been able to resist a full skirt in bright print. Something about them makes me feel instantly put-together and feminine. I love 'em in floral, denim, pleated, & patterned!

Here are all 10 items in one handy image for you!

**11. everyday jewelry** Bonus that's a teaser to my follow-up post, perfectly Priya's 10 Essential Accessories.
Accessories can be overwhelming to me. Usually they are an afterthought when I'm getting dressed, and I just don't have time to think through them. In an effort to combat this- I've put together a standby "everyday jewelry" ensemble that I can put on without having to think. I go through phases of wearing certain stud earrings (my Kate Spade ones have been a favorite lately), a simple necklace (typically my crown) and my JORD watch. This is another super simple way to keep yourself feeling put-together.

So there you have it- the ten pieces in my closet I can't live without. What makes up your 10 essentials? Anything I'm leaving out? If you've ever written a similar list, leave me a link, I'd love to check it out! 

Weekend Update: Wildcat Weekend

Monday, May 23

Just a few more photos from Amir's graduation from Davidson College last weekend! Seems like just yesterday he was graduating from high school and then we were dropping him off at college. This can only mean one thing: I'm getting old. 

Amir is a gentleman and a scholar, a gem of a human, and really rocks a bow tie. I was so happy to celebrate him all weekend. We even got to swing dance together at the fancy quarry dinner (top photo), which is one of the highlights of my life thus far ("Priya you have to let me lead!")

I also got my mom her first pair of Lululemon pants as a Mother's Day/birthday present; which has nothing to do with Amir or his graduation, but is a special memory nonetheless! I didn't even have to force her like I thought I would; and if you're wondering if we wear the same size...the only thing that separates us is the birthing of 7 kids ;) Really enjoyed getting to hang with my parents & Galina, the crew that made it out for the weekend. 

It's been fun having Amir close(r) by in North Carolina over the past few years! I've made it to Davidson a few times (Fall 2015 / Fall 2014) and have loved getting a peek at Amir's college experience at Davidson (and getting to meet all his buds!) 

Congrats Amir! We couldn't be prouder of you, Marshmallow! 

Denim @ Davidson

Friday, May 20

| earrings: gift | dress: via swap | purse: Kate Spade | watch: c/o JORD | sunnies: Target (similar) | clogs: Swedish Hasbeens (similar / similar) | lippy: NYX liquid lipstick in Soft-Spoken

Woah, this week escaped me. I was in North Carolina from last Thursday night until Sunday, celebrating Amir's graduation weekend with my parents and Galina. Wait for it, look how precious he is:
More pictures to come! It was so nice spending some time with my family. We couldn't be prouder of Amir for all his hard work, and being an all-around wonderful human. He's currently in St. John with his buddies for a week. JELLY.

Galina drove back to Nashville with me and hung out until Wednesday morning (shout-out for the hour massages!) I jumped straight into a crazy week with work and life stuff! So that's what I've been up to, but I couldn't completely stay away from this space for a whole week :)

This outfit was from last Saturday in North Carolina. I took my mom to get her first pair of Lululemon pants as a Mother's Day/birthday present (in this fabulous outdoor mall area), and we spent the rest of the day on Amir's campus at the Baccalaureate, President's dinner, Senior concert, Biology department reception, and finally, BEER TRUCK! So many festivities that weekend, you guys. This simple dress that I got at our office clothing swap was breezy and the appropriate amount of dressed up for all of them (plus clogs forever.) 

Welp, it's rainy in Nashville and I'm off to rally the troops for a corporate fundraiser Fun Run. Hoping for some time to chill this weekend, but not until after our diversity job fair all day tomorrow! Thanks for reading & talk to you soon. 

Buy the Shoes.

Wednesday, May 11

| lipstick: Maybelline Colorsensational in Fuchsia Fever |  blouse: Old Navy | jeans: Gap | belt: Target | heels: Kate Spade | 

with photos by Stephanie KB Photo and hair by Amanda McEachern

Ever get stuck inside a week that feels like it's been three weeks long- by Tuesday afternoon? I HAVE! 

This week has been all over the place, geographically and emotionally, as it seems to be lately. I've been house-sitting/dog-sitting, hanging with lots of girlfriends (shout-out KelleyDaniHillaryAndrea!), and getting ready to take off for North Carolina tomorrow afternoon for Amir's graduation weekend! I'll tell you what- I am honestly so looking forward to seeing my parents, my big sister, and Amir. And in the meantime...I'm hustlin'. 

"Every day I'm hustlin'" is such an apt motto for me right now. Another thing I find myself saying constantly is "I'm only human!" More on that later, count on it. Hope your week is going well! 

About a month ago (I don't know how this time passed!) when my girl for life Steph was in town, and she's a photographer, we set out to do a shoot featuring my most exciting and favorite purchase lately, (ever?) these Kate Spade heels, which I believe are Priya personified in a shoe. They are- dare I say- perfectly Priya. New blog slogan- come for the outfits, stay for the jokes. And now I can't even remember what I was talking about...

OH-shoes. I'm not going to be in this season of life forever (glory be), but I will always remember purchasing these shoes, when I had no business to, as the greatest expression of self-love imaginable. Sometimes you just have to buy the shoes for yourself. 

Naturally I freaked out about how to style them. I went super classic and understated- and loved the contrast of boyfriend jeans with glittery heels. My dear friend Amanda also did my hair for me on this day (in a style I wore for 3 days, don't worry.) Thanks again to Amanda & Michael for letting us take over their house (and front porch!) to take these pictures. Guess their house number! :) 

Last thing- and I'm going to try my best to keep this blog from being 100% melodrama but I hope you'll excuse me for a bit- when Steph sent over these photos (also, shout-out to that girl whom I love with my whole heart and who is SUPER talented with that camera), and I looked through them, I was very pleasantly surprised by the laughing photos where I look genuinely happy. The story behind that last photo is Steph had just said to me "Maybe hug your knees into your chest real cute?" I tried and this photo was taken right after I said "Steph, I physically CANNOT do that." You know, just trying to be cute for the blog.

That's all for now. I have another post that I'm really excited about, and will try my best to have it up by this weekend, but my to-do list before I leave town is about a mile long, so we'll see! Thanks for reading. 


Friday, May 6


Lately I've been unable to shake the feeling that I'm in an interim period of life. Like this is temporary. Like I'm waiting for something. Like I just want to feel ok again (thanks T. Swift), and be enjoying the "new normal" of life. Not the most enjoyable place to be in!

I think this must be pretty normal when a drastic change happens in life. It's funny to me that so quickly, we get bored when things get too routine & mundane (or maybe it's just me!); but as soon as things get turned upside down, we long for that normalcy again.

I'm learning that feeling every feeling of this season is ok. And while this season IS temporary, I want to remember that it's not an interim period. There are no interim periods in life. That IS life.

I came across ^ this quote in a gift shop recently, when my friend Jacqui visited town, and it just struck me. I often feel inundated with the "carpe diem" sentiment (because I usually function best when I live in a balance of "go for it- life is short" and "you have all the time to do everything you want") but the way this is written seemed to be just for me (I also feel this way about Sorry- Beyoncé, btw.) I don't want to miss anything while I'm waiting for something else.

So- here's my thought and pledge for the weekend. This post is probably more about me writing this down, for me, (thanks for indulging!) but I hope that whatever you have going on this weekend, you're able to

kiss your life just as it is. 

60's botanical brass knuckle mug

Wednesday, May 4

| cardi: H&M | tee: Old Navy | jeans: Old Navy Rockstar High-Rise | clogs: Swedish Hasbeens (exact in Bordeaux / similar in black ) | lip color: NYX liquid lipstick in Soft-spoken |

I'm not actually funny. [Ironically, because I grew up in house where humor was currency.] I mean, *I* think my jokes are funny. But usually I'm the only one. And that is why when I find a joke that works, I re-use it as many times as possible!

So do you have any idea how many times I've had this conversation:
co-worker: oh that mug is awesome. I love how it's floral but then has the brass knuckles on the side.
me: I love it because it's sweet, but then sassy. Just like meeeeeeee

^ No that was the punch line.  

Back to my humor disclaimer...

Is it totally strange or just kinda strange that this outfit post features a little mug I found in my office? I think I've said this recently, but life right now for me is all about squeezing the joy out of any tiny thing I can. Like this mug, that I found in the recesses of the office kitchen cupboards, and have used every day since. Boy would I love to see the set that this was apart of! 

Ultimately this mug was a great accessory for a retro looking 'fit, featuring my beloved clogs, high-waisted jeans, and just a simple stripey + cardigan combo. And if my hair looks gnarly, it's because IT IS. 

Oh, you're probably expecting some kind of report about my trip to Chicago over the weekend! Well. The weather was total crap and I had a marvelous time and didn't do even ONE touristy thing (seriously- I started the weekend by saying "Carina, I honestly don't care if I see the bean." by the end of the weekend she said "good thing you started with that disclaimer!") My main priorities were a) snuggling with Carina b) enjoying the local fare, and c) taking approx. 1,000 seflies; all of which I accomplished. Other notable moments include a cocktail that was served in a giant plastic bag and meeting Sanjay Gupta (actually in the same night!) Solid weekend.