Tuxedo Pants For Summer

| lip: PBJ Smoothie Stick (review here!) | necklace: via Amazon | top: Forever 21 via Carina | tuxedo pants: Old Navy | shooties: Payless | watch: c/o JORD |

I’m still feeling good about my 10 Wardrobe Essentials post, since my choices are re-affirmed a few times a week, when I look down and realize I’m wearing one of my picks!

I shared then that it’s just important to have a pant option that isn’t jeans, and in the last couple years, I’ve become totally partial to these tuxedo pants. They look just as good in a hi-low ensemb paired with agraphic tee, or dressed up a bit with a blouse and heels. I work in an office, but it’s suuuuper casual. Every now and then I like to wear an outfit that’s professional, but still comfortable (pseudo-profesh, if you will.) I read recently about how peplum is so out but I don’t even care, you guys. A peplum top, to me, is a safe space. Safe for my lunch. If peplum is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I actually wore this outfit on the day I started interviewing for my replacement (I’m moving over to People Ops full-time, woo-hoo! Have I mentioned that on the blog?) And funny enough, on this day, we interviewed the girl we ended up hiring- the very first girl we interviewed. Her name is Theresa, and she is fabulous and lovely and we are already best friends. She’s actually super stylish, and should like, be on this blog.

In other news around here- I got my hair done! It’s nothing crazy different (my hair color really sticks to a passable spectrum) but I got some more layers AND this is the lightest it has been in my whole life. A girl in my office (who also has the plague blessing of ultra thick hair) walked in one day with a MAKEOVER hairstyle and I had to find out exactly where she went.

So I spent the most money I have ever spent getting my hair done (#quarterlifecrisis) and then proceeded to walk out in the POURING rain (Nashville I’m SOOVERIT) and went straight to the gym (because I signed up for this race that I am so regretting right now, you guys) and when I left my hair was in a sweaty ponytail AND this lady was harassing me for doing single leg squats with a kettle bell. I was in such a terrible mood.

Anyway. These photos were taken the next day. The blowout lasted a bit. I’m enjoying the color. My stylist kept using the word “lift”, yeah I suppose I feel lifted shifted higher than the ceiling. You know what they say about the girl that changes her hair…

Last thought here- when I was taking these photos a guy stopped and asked me “Are you like, a professional or something?” Yes dude. I’m a professional.

The next time someone stops me while I’m taking pics for the blog and asks “are you a model or something?” I’m gonna say “a model…citizen? Hell yeah! Now get out of my face.”

This week has been extra crazy because it's ~*Talent Week~* at work, that culminates in our big Talent Show tomorrow night. I'm honestly still a little wiped from this past weekend AND THEN last night I got to see Selena Gomez in concert! I'm not complaining I'm just...tired. You might also notice I just switched the blog over to Disqus! Comment away!! 

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