Head to Toe Remix #1: A Summer Scarf

I am very excited to be launching a new collab today with Elana of Room 334; my first blogging friend, fellow California girl, and SOMEHOW we’ve still never met?!

Elana & I are both young professionals that love shopping, but don’t have the budget to be buying a new wardrobe every month. And so, we present to you: the Head to Toe Remix. Join us over the next six weeks, as we find new ways to style an item that had previously been neglected in our closet in every category, in an effort to shop our own closets, and therefore not really shop.

First up: an accessory! I’m styling a Summer scarf.
| earrings: Forever 21 | lipstick: City Color Cosmetics lipstick in Diva | dress: Old Navy | belt: from boutique dress |         | scarf: gift (J.Crew) | clogs: Old Navy | 

I don’t know why it feels so counter-intuitive to wear a scarf during the Summer. Well, I kinda do, because it’s a cold-weather accessory? This scarf was gifted to me by my firstie, Katie, a couple years ago, but I just don’t reach for it enough! Though it’s a scarf, the breezy cotton, tie-dye-print, and blue and white color scheme are totally Summer-y!

I perused the Pinterest to find several great options for wearing a scarf in the Summer time, but ultimately went super duper simple: draped over a gray knit fit & flare and paired with my trusty brown clogs.

File this under #bloggerprobs that no one cares about, but I really debated how to wear this scarf during the day. Ultimately I felt like I liked the scarf better wrapped like this:
but it felt SO unseasonal! I need to keep this in mind for Fall.

I saw a few chic examples of just draping it like so:
which is how I wore it for the majority of the day. It proved problematic at times though, like when I nearly dipped it in ranch dressing.

What’s your take? Is the wrap-around TOO unseasonable for a scarf in the Summer? Or does the loose drape just look silly?

Elana is styling a statement necklace for Summer, which was totally my second choice for a neglected accessory. Isn’t it funny how we accumulate so much jewelry but really wear like three pieces?
Elana is a master at creating feminine, playful outfits, & this is no different! I would love to get my hands on a sweet gingham skirt like that, & the statement necklace definitely adds a bit of an edge. So glad we could give it a turn. Head over to Room 334 for the full post!

I hope you enjoyed iteration one of the Head to Toe Remix! If you have an accessory in your closet that hasn’t seen the light of day in 2016, join in on the fun and share with #HeadtoToeRemix, we’d love to see it!

Next stop: outerwear!
thanks to my awesome friend David for this logo! 

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