Head to Toe Remix #5: Gray Suede Heels

graphic by David Saunders
| earrings: somewhere in Ireland | top: Old Navy | belt: Target | bf jeans: Gap {current model} | heels: H&M {gray suede heels for you!} | watch: c/o JORD

I didn't mean to knock it out of the park on our penultimate Head to Toe Remix (no clue what that is? Here's a quick look back: kick-off/acccessory, outerwear, top, bottom); but though the focus here is the shoes, I haven't worn these earrings/top/jeans all season either! This outfit is a closet orphanage field trip, basically. 

I knew immediately that I'd be picking between two pairs of heels to style for this challenge. I think the real issue is that I rarely wear proper heels to my super casual office (obviously excluding wedges and clogs), and when I'm getting dressed up, I stick to the same couple pairs. I picked up this gray pair from H&M a few years ago after seeing similar pairs on several super chic bloggers, thinking I needed them. They're actually pretty comfy and definitely deserve to get worn a little more. Or sold on Poshmark ;)

As for the rest of the look- as Summer winds down, I've rotated my closet and drawers so that everything that hasn't been worn this season is at the very front, for a last hurrah (or the part where I force myself to get rid of it.) It's a great strategy that I really recommend! That brought me to this bright pink top. My bf jeans are an old favorite that...seem to be fitting me better than ever these days. Not sure what's going on there. 

I could've guessed Elana would pick these shoes, actually! While her choices are usually more on the classic/feminine side (girl could write a book about Peter Pan collars) these shoes are on the fierce as hell side. I've loved every time I've seen her wear them, but they definitely jump out as a deviant of her typical style! The rest of the outfit is totally in her comfort zone (fit&flare dress, layered with plaid) which I think is totally the way to do it. Check out her full post

Thanks for following along with the Head to Toe Remix! We have one final installment for you (slightly out of order- whoops!) Elana & I will be back next week with a dress. Stay tuned! Have a great Wednesday! 

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