Weekend Update: #MaizyMari

As is customary around here, I have some iPhone snaps to share for now, and will share the offish wedding photos as soon as we get them- so excited about that!

You GUYS. No one warned me or prepared me for a family wedding. I’m getting to be like a pro at going to weddings and being a bridesmaid (…not my own…sobbing emoji) but a family wedding weekend has seriously taken things to the next level.

Going into the weekend I knew that I should throw the idea of “personal space” out the window and just soak up “The Pappus, extended edition: MORE people and MORE cultures” and that mindset was very helpful, HAHA.

Camarillo Ranch is just gorgeous and felt very Californian, the weather was to die for, and the Victorian home and barn an amazing backdrop. It was a total blast getting to experience wedding festivities, from the rehearsal to pictures to ceremony to the reception with some of my favorite people on the planet, my sibs (and a couple of THEIR favorite people <3 and extended family that traveled really far, and some seriously awesome family friends.)

I did give a speech that went well, and I actually had fun giving it! Tuppy sang and played “Around You” – Sherwood for the first dance, and then Coren & Tuppy played and sang “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz at the reception which was 100% the definition of a moment for life. We have videos of it all (not pictured- my sisters & I weeping in the background.) It was a family affair, through & through.

And if you’re wondering if my dad came out on the dance floor to “In Da Club”…yes, that happened.

I am perfectly exhausted from going from Nashville to the Bay Area and down to Southern California and back to the Bay Area and then back to Nashville (wow even writing that sentence wears me out) but, thankful. And exhausted from F-U-N.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY- congrats Coren & Marisol! We love you and loved getting to celebrate you!!

Our first Pappu wedding is in the books.

*A note on that hashtag- when they got engaged I was excitedly texting Marisol and included #MaizyMari as a joke (Coren...sounds like corn...maiz in Spanish...Mari is her nickname...) AND it stuck! I promise you that was thrown together in five minutes and isn't my best work.

**Oh, I realize I don't have a photo here with the actual couple on the actual day...stay tuned.

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