Fox in the Henhouse

| earrings: gift | lipstick: Venom by Urban Decay | button-up: Old Navy via Poshmark swap | jeans: Old Navy |           | loafers: Zara {similar} | watch: c/o JORD |

I'm officially done with my Summer '16 outfit posts, and onto Fall fashion (check that label! Did you notice I have all my outfit posts sorted by season? Summer / Fall / Spring / Winter) It really is the most perfect timing, since this morning was in the 50's and I turned my heat on in my car for the first time! Just for a second because it got too warm. But still! 

I am feeling SO good about my style this Fall and pretty good about life in general (priorities, right?) Probably because I've recently done a lot a little shopping (hi Mom!) But also because I finally did what I've heard about forever and made a shopping list for the season. I outlined it around what (items/colors/fabrics) I was most excited to wear, and went from there! I have to say, though not every item I've acquired is strictly on the list, it has been immensely helpful. 

So about this outfit: you can barely tell that these are tiny FOX FACES covering my button-up! How cute is that?! You already know that I'm capital-Obsessed with Poshmark, but lately I've gotten into swapping through the app. As long as you do it "through Poshmark" (getting the shipping label & tracking) I vouch for it 100%. I got this button-up in a trade for a dress I hadn't been able to sell! 

I picked up these loafers while in NYC, and I'm convinced, they're going to be my shoe of the season.

I've inadvertently made somewhat of a Fall capsule with my new items (+ items I already have that I want to pair them with.) This has been huge in helping me pack for my trip- yes, I'm really, finally going to Europe on Friday [Oktoberfest & Paris via London are the plans!] I've been an absolute maniac planning my packing for this trip, and I'm excited to share the capsule/packing list with you all eventually. 

Hope you are having a lovely, Autumnal week!

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