Current State of the Union 10.28.16

Currently / life:
+ Ahh, October. My favorite month of the year, regardless of emotions or stress. It's just a GOOD TIME.
+ Recently I've gotten really basic festive and carved a pumpkin, baked the seeds, painted pumpkins, baked pumpkin muffins, went to a high school Homecoming game, AND we had our volunteer Haunted House on Wednesday! I think that's the best part of seasons and holidays- they force you to love exactly where and when you are (which is something that is hard for me, a perpetual planner!)
+ Apart from my big trip at the start of the month, I've just been hanging around and trying not to spend money.
+ On perfectly P, I kicked off the month with some snapshots from Summer, and was happy to return from my trip with a documented packing list (outfit 1 / outfit 2 / outfit 3 / outfit 4).
+ Fall fashion is in full force, and I've mostly been getting dressed from what I'm calling my "un-capsule." So far I've played with color-blocking and I'm excited to share more outfits from my un-capsule, soon!

Currently / on the nightstand:
+ The Namesake | of all on the lofty list of books on my Kindle for my trip, this was the only one I finished. It has been on my list FOREVER, and was just as gorgeous as I imagined. Highly recommend this one! The story of growing up with immigrant parents absolutely resonates with me.
+ East of Eden | And now my goal is to finish this before Rachel comes to visit (in two weeks!) I'm really, really trying to read every night before bed instead of being on my phone.
Currently / shopping: I'll keep it short since I've written about these already! I bought these all on my trip to Europe.
+ Joy velvet bomber jacket | I love everything about this jacket, including the memory of shopping for it in Shoreditch.
+ Topshop metallic trousers | So, I started buying items with a bit of whimsy I just love! Case in point: these pants.
+ Zara velvet mock neck | The ever-elusive velvet tee was on my Fall wishlist, and this totally fit the bill.

Currently / pop culture:
+ Westworld | Have you guys started watching this yet?? HBO is absolutely killing it. I started seeing previews for this while watching The Night Of, and was totally intrigued. The show is based off of a movie from the 70's (screenplay by Michael Crichton) and is the perfect marriage of sci-fi and historical fiction, with THE most fascinating concept. So if you're watching tv with someone who loves sci-fi, but you hate it, you'll get along just fine.

+ Joanne - Lady Gaga | It's taken me a few listens, but I'm a fan! This is, without a doubt, a totally different sound for Lady Gaga. There’s tracks on the album that sound folky, Americana, and circus-y, and then a couple that are a throwback to her original hits, but even those are a fresh take. I have to say, I’m digging it though! I’m dying to hear her take on the concept behind the album, who IS Joanne? Listen to: John Wayne
Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande | I’ll let my music friend Josh say it about this one, “Feels a little less like vocal acrobatics than last time, good songs, less show-offy, also, Nicki Minaj features don't hurt one bit!” I’m totally digging this album and dying to see Ari in concert next Summer! She has really come into her own with this album. (Besides all the singles) listen to: Moonlight- so great!
+ Shout-out to my sister Carina, who is always spinning fresh tracks on the playlists she makes for every season (she has a great taste in music, but also likes bad pop like me :). Fall 2016 is coming along quite nicely, listen to: I Was Wrong. And for past seasonal playlists, just follow along with her

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Currently / beauty:
+ NYX Illuminating Palette | This palette was a glam-me-down from Christine, and I’ve been loving it lately! Mostly the two shades on the bottom left. You all know I love NYX lip products, and this shadow is just fine.
+ Pacifica nail polish in Red Red Wine | Such a great Fall color, and the formula of these Pacifica polishes is awesome- goes on smooth, STAYS on for over a week, and super pigmented with one coat!
+ NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella | Another (fab) glam-me-down. I generally love a lip product that is shaped like a crayon- you just can’t mess it up! Also a great Fall shade.
+ Bellápierre Cosmetics blush in Autumn Glow | This is really more of a blush-bronzer combo, and a perfect two-for if you’re in a rush or have limited space. It really does give you a great glow!

*I have to be honest with you- as of right now I am unsubscribed to both ipsy & Birchbox- still totally vouch for them, they are a great way to try out new products, right now I’m just fully, fully stocked! Sign up for $10/month: ipsy/Birchbox*

Currently / Nashville:
+ Two Ten Jack | One of my favorite restaurants in town, for any time of day. I've been known to go just for fancy cocktails, or after dinner for appetizers (you know, 4th meal.) Japanese food is probably my all-time favorite, I l o v e ramen, sushi, teriyaki, all of that. A great place to sit at the bar!
+ Centennial Bar | If you like a dive bar that's actually clean and not over-run with hipsters- here you go! I went for trivia the other week (my one contribution "Rob & Chyna") and my team actually got second place, and a table, which is a novel concept. I also had a reuben that I enjoyed.
I hope you have had the best October, and have a very spooky and safe Halloweekend! Let me know what you've been getting into in pop culture, shopping, beauty, life, etc!

If you're looking for Current States of old, they're all right here

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