Euro Packing Capsule #2

| sunnies: Target (similar) | tee: ancient Forever 21 (similar) | purse: Kate Spade (similar) | jacket: from Carina, not sure where) (similar splurge!) | joggers: Old Navy | trainers: Nike Juvenate

Hey there! Real quick, here's the second outfit from my packing capsule (view outfit #1 right here) from my recent trip to Europe! I wore this on our first full day in Paris, where we spent hours walking up and down the Champs-Elysees, taking selfies with the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, and checking out the fanciest Abercrombie & Fitch of all time (just for laughs.)

The notable thing about this outfit is my drawstring pants! I put them on my Fall Wishlist, and they arrived just before my trip. In my eyes they are really the perfect pant: super comfy, but a step above jeans or leggings. I've had to give them a bit of a break upon returning, since I wore them out last week, but I can't wait to pick them up again! 

Tuesday night we met Cannelle: my best friend from 5th grade, who is originally from the south of France, and had moved back in middle school. I hadn’t seen her since 2003, or spoken to her since 2010-ish, when we reconnected on Facebook. A couple months ago I emailed her, not even knowing if she still had the same email address, or where she was living! In a twist of fate, though she is currently living in Brussels, she was in Paris for work on Tuesday (and made arrangements to come back for the weekend.) It was just so good and so so cool to see her again! I can remember what feels like countless afternoons spent at her house, listening to her family speak French, and dreaming of learning the language one day and eventually visiting Paris. It was wonderful to catch up about what our lives are like now, and reminisce on a million memories of being kids together. I first got into theater doing musicals with Cannelle at our city’s community center- fun fact!
left, Cannelle & I at dinner Tuesday night, 
right, one last picture from Oktoberfest :D

Happy Oktober weekend, y'all! It's been nearly impossible for me to do anything this week, I've been feeling so lazy. Looking forward to a weekend to get back on track. 

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