Packing List: 10 Days in Europe {Fall}

It has been a minute since I shared a packing list around here! I'm not sure if this is relevant blogging anymore, but it's super helpful for me. Packing for trips is one of the things I hate the most, and, not shockingly, putting a little organization behind it makes a huge difference! And for the record, I love seeing what people pack for trips. So, hit me with those posts if you've got 'em.

This list is from my recent trip to Europe with my sister Carina. We flew into London, stopped in Munich, and spent the majority of our time in Paris (--> trip recap <--). The goods:
not pictured: accessories (like my MVP scarf), toiletries, underthings, and a white tee because I forgot

As I mentioned, I went absolutely maniac prepping for this trip. I think it was a combination of the higher stakes of traveling internationally, going to maybe the most fashionable city in the world, and being with my sister Carina who is v. stylish. We planned the trip over the course of about a year; and I started dreaming about what to wear a few months out- filling in a few holes with purchases, making a Google doc, and physically adding things to a suitcase over a week in advance. Many of these items are still available, so I've linked to them (or similar options) below! 

Packing for travel is always a bit of a gamble, considering things you know you'll be doing, and kinda approximating the rest. I think I came pretty close with the tops I chose! I also had the long trip both ways (and plenty of travel in between) to consider. I wanted to be comfortable but still look put-together, and a basic tee + leggings or drawstring pants worked perfectly. The crop top completed a couple different "going out-fits." 

Against my personal preferences, I stuck largely to neutral colors for this packing list (hence all of my bottoms are black.) And you know what? You're right. You're all right! Packing in neutrals with an accent color (mine was pink but you can't really tell) made things much simpler. Each of these bottoms are comfortable but versatile, and I know you're sick of me talking about these drawstring pants (joggers) but everybody needs some asap. 

I'll go ahead and tell you the two things I would have done differently were: less "fancy going out" items, because I didn't need them, and also warmer options, because it was actually pretty cold. In my mind I dreamed of wearing those brocade shorts in Paris, but in reality, it was much too cold, and we didn't go anywhere nice enough. We didn't end up going clubbing or to anywhere where I really needed to be dressed up, opting instead for more casual Bistros, which was a-ok! Of the above items, I didn't wear the chambray dress or shorts, and really could have gone without the sequin top and romper, but I wore them anyway because I had them :) 

It wasn't until I got to Paris that I realized- surprise- I didn't have my jean jacket! I had planned to pack it as a day jacket option, knowing my leather jacket would work with fancier outfits at night (or really anything.) Somehow it got left behind, so I wore my leather jacket every day, except in Munich where it was rainy and cold, and my super cute rain jacket was so functional. And in case you're wondering where this leather jacket came from: Carina's car, but otherwise, we don't know!

I nailed it and was 100% happy with my shoe choices! Sure, it would have been fun to have a fancier pair of heels for Paris, but we were walking a ton and my clogs were super functional. Really, each of these shoes were comfortable for a long day, which is the only thing that really matters for a walking trip. I debated packing the brown booties and I'm so glad I did, because I wore them for both days at Oktoberfest, where you could step in a puddle etc. and people stepped on your toes. 

Here's a sampling of outfits from my trip! Yup, I felt like I was "living" in certain items, but, not really a bad thing for a capsule I suppose. Just realizing I left out my white tee ^ from this packing list. Whoops! 

I came up with a few simple questions to "self-check" if my packing was a success:
+ Did I like what I wore? I actually really did! Buying a few new items for the trip really helped with this. 
+ Did I feel prepared? Mostly. It ended up being chillier than expected, so more warmer options would've helped! 
+ Did living out of a bad detract from the experience? You know, not at all. Sounds silly, but that was awesome. 

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