Weekend Update: Mrs DeVries Takes Nashville!

My dear friend Rachel came to visit me last weekend, which was her very first time in Nashville! We actually had a lot to celebrate because she just (like, a week ago) got engaged to the wonderful Ray, whom I absolutely loved meeting and hanging out with when I visited them in Denver in January.  

We had a jam-packed two days, in beautiful Fall weather, where I tried to cover everything I've come to know and love in Nashville over the past seven years (wow, have I really been here that long?) This included but was not limited to: hot chicken, a stroll through downtown and 12 South, a dressed-up dinner at City House, a walk on the Shelby Bottoms greenway, a pit-stop at a co-worker soiree, cooking breakfast at home, introducing Rachel to a curling wand and NYX liquid lipstick (duh), a night out on Broadway, donuts from Donut Den, an afternoon at the Filling Station playing cards (new favorite activity?) and actually some snuggly down time at my house, which usually happens. 

Evidence that Rachel is an amazing friend: she has a million friends. It's not uncommon to be with her and hear stories about her other friends, or even FaceTime them :) I think it's just because everyone wants and values having her in their life, and I sure do!!

Oh yes, I did make her an itinerary for the weekend because I am insane.

Love you, Mrs DeVries to be! Thank you for coming to Nashville and being one of the very best people I know. Can't wait to continue celebrating with you soon!

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