To 2017...and Beyond!

Saturday, December 31

| coat: Banana Republic via Carina {similar} | blouse: vintage Dior via Carina {similar} | jeans: Old Navy | booties: Rag & Bone | lip: Cailyn Art Touch lip gloss in Basic Instinct | earrings, ring, bracelet: gifts |

Just a couple quick notes on the outfit if ♫ bay-bay, this is what you came for : welcome to my version of a power outfit, for when I had to speak in front of my entire company at our year end staff meeting! Lol @ how far “power outfits” have come for women, amiright?

This blouse is vintage Dior, and yeah, I even hate myself after saying that. Both the blouse and these Rag & Bone booties are kinda “loan-hand-me-downs” from my sister- which I am totally fine with. The only problem being that now that I’ve tasted Rag & Bone booties, Target is not nearly as palatable.

I specifically don’t have an official “re-cap of 2016” post planned because you know what? 2016 was not my favorite year. If I had a phrase to describe 2016 it would be “plagued with uncertainty.” Does not warrant a blog post. (I did compile a post with “My Favorite Outfits of 2016” because yay, something I can control!)

I would be remiss to say 2016 sucked, because a lot of great things happened, and I have so much to be thankful for, I really do. So fineee, real quick, a few of my highlights from the past year:

- traveled to London/Munich/Paris
- my brother got married and I got a new sister
- I officially got promoted into a new role at work
- hosted Steph & Tim and Rachel in Nashville
- I didn’t quit blogging! And, I'll say it- I took my content to the next level. 

And at the risk of sounding like a total loser:

You know how sometimes after a break-up, you have to edit your hobbies a bit? Because maybe a certain hobby reminds you of another person too much, or it was the thing you always did together? I’m so happy that blogging has remained something that’s totally mine, that I still love to do. (Not that Hunter didn’t help me out a ton- shout-out to him for taking so many pictures.) I know I can come to this space on any given day and be able to honestly write about what’s going on & how I’m feeling, and I’m so thankful for that. Thank you, truly, for being a part of this outlet for me!

As opposed to 2016, where my blogging goal was just to not quit, I do have some goals for 2017 around here aaaand I hope you will stick around to find out what they are!

Ok, I guess I’ll talk to you guys NEXT YEAR (<-- my favorite joke! teehee!) Have an incredible New Years Eve! Be safe and slayyy with those NYE outfits.

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Current State of the Union, 12.30.16

Thursday, December 29

Currently / life:
+ If you're reading this...we've nearly made it through the holidays! Amidst the insanity that is December, I managed to have some festive fun (office holiday party, spending my evenings wrapping presents), and yeah, I enjoyed Christmas. I just got back from spending the holiday with my family in San Diego, which was so chill and cozy (more to come!)
+ Around these parts, I went festive with neutrals, rocked a simple outfit for work, shared an episode of sartorial serendipity, debuted my striped drawstring pants (twice), brought back my favorite blanket scarf, paired my holiday outfit with a holiday wish, AND listed my favorite outfits of the year!
+ Ooh, I also scraped together a bit of "holiday content" with a gift guide...for Priya, and had a pretty epic birthday-wing-Christmas party weekend.

Currently / pop culture:
+ Have you guys checked out your Top Songs of 2016 playlist on Spotify? Mine was pretty predictable, although I will say I was pretty tickled to see Overprotected - Britney Spears.
+ Apart from my playlist, my favorite Christmas albums have been on repeat all month long ('tis the season!): The Beach Boys Christmas Album, Christmas Portrait - the Carpenters, Under the Mistletoe - Justin Bieber, and new this year, A Very Kacey Christmas - Kacey Musgraves.
+ Christmas movies I watched this month: Home Alone 2, White Christmas, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, and Love Actually.
+ My crowning pop culture achievement of the month might be the ode to Divas that is the playlist I made for my roommate Emily's birthday. #MariahWhitneyBeyoncéCélineRihanna

**psst, I would love to connect with you on Spotify!**
Currently / beauty: my travel toiletry bag is the real MVP this time of year, so here are my travel beauty essentials!
+ Cargo blush/bronzer duo | I have a small pre-packed make-up bag that travels with me, and products that pull double-duty are the all-stars. This tin combines blush & bronzer, and I even put it on with one brush!
+ Color Club mini in That's My Jam | I stuck this in my bag for a Christmas manicure on the go. Bonus that this polish is so glossy, I didn't have to pack a top coat!
+ Marc Anthony Argan Oil cream | When I travel, I'm also a lot more prone to let my hair air dry and go. My hair is super coarse/wavy, but this smoothing creme does the trick for ruly texture.
+ Jelly Pong Pong & Peony Cosmetics eyeshadow palette | Vacation is the perfect time to break out these mini shadow palettes! I love having options for a day/night/festive look, & these palettes combined have my bases covered.
+ mini blush brush | I don't travel with my real make-up brushes, & this mini brush is great for both blush & blending.

**actually all of these products came to me straight from ipsy/Birchbox! Sign up for ipsy/Birchbox for $10/month.**
Currently / shopping:
+ It was technically the end of November when I placed a couple Old Navy orders that were half gifts/half necessities. Since then, I've been absolutely living in long-sleeve/short-sleeve solid/striped tees! Nothing fancy, but getting dressed has been a snap! This striped one drapes so well over leggings and with my drawstring pants.
+ Obvi most of my budget/energy this month was spent on Christmas presents! I bought pins for my girlfriends, some natural cosmetics for my Momma, and the Newlywed cookbook and pretty dishes for my new sister!
+ A few things Santa (& friends) spoiled me with this Christmas: ^a new blanket scarf^, ^a perfect leather work tote^, and another plaid scarf!

Currently / Nashville: 
+ Salt & Vine | Totally adorable, fantastic cocktails and good food- but stick to lunchtime, because the bright white isn't super cozy for dinner time. They also have a market I can't wait to visit for fancy cheese and wine!
+ Edgefield Bar & Grill | Just another great dive with some of the best wings in town, darts, and a jukebox! 
from Christmas in Oceanside, CA, taken by Amir

I've now done an entire year of these Current State of the Union posts! Check it out:
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I would love to hear the latest in your city, shopping cart, beauty routine, Netflix/Spotify queue and life! Tweet them to me @perfectlypriya or share below!

My Favorite Outfits of 2016

Wednesday, December 28

Heyyy out there! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is enjoying this weird space time continuum that runs between Christmas and New Years (is there an official name for that?)

Can I get a high-five because for the first time ever I have this post ready to go in time? I love any kind of recap post, but I've especially enjoyed putting together an annual list of my favorite looks from the year (2015 / 2014 / 2013). It's a fantastic form of self-reflection; seeing how my style has changed, and also just recognizing the tone for the year (since I can recall how I was feeling/what I was doing when I wore each of these- blogging is neat!)
Heart on my...Hosiery | I was jazzed to integrate these socks (knit by a relative) into my closet, & love these tights!
Gray Day | Best use of tights and layering goes to this outfit right here (same booties! Love 'em.)
Cheers! | In addition to being the age/office appropriate way to wear a graphic tee, this is my top pinned outfit ever!I Need My Space | Part of my collab with Sarah, and another to wear an awesome graphic tee to work.
Buy the Shoes | This is an outfit for the year if there were one. New shoes, self care, and a shoot with my best friend.
Every Bun Has Its' Day | Great example of my style shift- following the neutral trend, but with pieces I love & color!
Jumpsuit Dreams Do Come True | This jumpsuit was such a random gem of a find this year, can't wait to wear it again.
Vintage Floral Blouse | I was so into every part of the 70's trend this year! From my remix collab with Elana.
Cool Girl | Found these shorts during an amazing whirlwind weekend in NYC, and promptly wore them out that night!
Euro Packing Capsule #4 | Went a little crazy prepping for my Euro trip capsule, & this might be my best/fave look.
Don't Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Got | Again, style shift: not something I would have worn last year, loved this vibe!
Double Striped | My item of the year may have been drawstring pants- these pants are as comfy as they are chic!

*Honorable Mentions*
Another Day, Another: | Had to include an outfit from my session with Caitlin! Loved how fun and polished this was.
Snow Leopard | Be sure to read the full post for my soapbox on how much I love this dress (and this outfit!)

I don't think I can pick one overall favorite for the year, but I do feel like I'm in a great place with my style! I also feel like my style is definitely evolving...but more on that later.

Does one of these outfits jump out as the very best from my reel for 2016? Let me know what you think! Also, if you have any kind of 2016 Recap post, I would love to see it! Tweet at me @perfectlypriya or share the link below!

Be back soon with a couple other unofficial 2016 recaps & my usual Current States for the end of the month!

let your heart be light

Saturday, December 24

KQ2A0738 (1)
| coat: Banana Republic via Carina {similar} | blouse: J.Crew via Carina {similar} | belt: Target | pants: Old Navy {actually similar!} | flats: Madewell via Carina {similar} | lip: Stila Liquid Lipstick in Beso

Merry Christmas EVE, fam!

I’d like to think of this outfit as version 2.0 of this outfit from the same time last year. Both perfectly festive, but now, with a belt! And sparkly flats! And a tuxedo blouse and red lip! All those little extras take it to the next level.

This outfit is chock full of blessings on blessings on blessings from my sister, Carina (TY sis ILY.) Let’s see: the coat, blouse, and flats are all from her cast-off pile, can you believe my good fortune? She got a new black coat and just didn’t need this one, but the fit is about as timeless as they come. And y’all KNO I love a sparkly shoe.

I wore this during our holiday party week at work where I planned theme-y festive outfits for every day, and it was perfect for getting me in the spirit. These pants might be – dare I say- one of my best purchases ever.

I’m reporting to you live from (hopefully) sunny San Diego, where I’m hanging with my family and wearing pants with an elastic waistband, exclusively!

A deviation from my typically vapidity:

I have a little wish for you this holiday. Christmas can be tough. There’s this contrived sense of happiness that you’re supposed to feel, when in reality, the holiday season is not all twinkly lights and beautifully wrapped gifts for everyone. It can be HARD, and maybe a reminder of what you don’t have or what you’ve lost.

So my wish for you is that today and tomorrow, no matter how you’re celebrating (or maybe you’re not at all- totally fine) or who you’re celebrating with (and maybe it’s by yourself- in which case- go girl) that your heart would be light. And that you would feel an extra special sense of joy and peace, and contentment (the best feeling !!!) with however things are for you this holiday season. <3 love you guys!

have yourself a merry little Christmas
let your heart be light
from now on, our troubles will be out of sight
through the years we all will be together
if the fates allow
hang a shining star upon the highest bough!
and have yourself a merry little Christmas, now

Christmas & Chill

Wednesday, December 21

| jacket: Nixon via Carina {similar} | scarf: Old Navy {similar} | tunic: Splendid via Carina {similar} | leggings: Zella | boots: Target | lip: Tarte LipSurgence tint in Moody | watch: c/o JORD |

Hi everyone! Feeling festive? I am headed to California this evening after work, to spend Christmas in San Diego with my family, and I couldn't be more excited! My luggage is loaded with wrapped presents, my Charlie Brown Christmas tree, multi-colored lights, and my swim suit, just in case San Diego cleans up its' act while we're there (why is it cold? Why is it cold everywhere?!)

This outfit is one I would categorize as "mildly festive" but "extremely comfy." I can't remember exactly what was happening the day I wore this to work, but I know it was during our mega crazy holiday party week, and I had felt like I had earned wearing leggings as pants, haha. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many times this blanket scarf has been featured on my blog! I love breaking it out every season because the red & green plaid just feels so seasonal.

Also excited to debut these OTK boots, the shoe of the season! I ordered these online from Target on Cyber Monday and have been wearing them just as much as possible. They're pretty perfect as far as over the knee boots go (especially at the price point! Even if they're not on sale.) Except I feel like I have several proportion/color/pairing rules for wearing them. I definitely have to be mindful so that I don't look too stumpy or too nightwalker-y. 

And speaking of chill...on this day I forgot to wear mascara to work.

Also speaking of chill, two albums that are the perfect soundtrack as you frantically finish wrapping your gifts: Christmas & Chill by Ariana Grande and A Very Kacey Christmas by Kacey Musgraves. Both of those have been rocking my world lately!

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weekend update: Wingmas, etc.

Monday, December 19

Pretty accurate snapshot of what my weekend was like! Apart from the usual, wishing for that extra day between Saturday and Sunday, no complaints.

On Friday we celebrated my dear roommate Emily's 25th birthday, with a little soiree at our house (Mariah Carey + pizza themed, naturally.) Happy Birthday Emily!! 

Saturday I spent the day with work friends old & new (and their friends) at the second annual Wingmas. We spent several hours at Edgefield Sports Bar, throwing darts, discussing Fifth Harmony, & catching up (& consuming far too many wings) and then just kept hanging out until I went to sleep that night (except we did switch to tacos, eventually.)

Then Sunday I had a Christmas-y day, picking up (and exchanging!) a few more gifts, hiking briskly at Radnor Lake, watching Love Actually, and generally running from building to building because it IS COLD. 

I think it's cold basically every where, so I hope you are staying warm and festive out there. I'm down to just two more days (!) of work before heading west to San Diego, in search of warmer weather (and my family...) I'm so ready! Christmas come soon!! 

double striped

Friday, December 16

I don't think I've mentioned recently that essentially all of my "outfit photos" are taken by my darling co-worker and friend, Adriane (and she is v creative and you should check her out!)

What this means is, my "outfit photos" for the past year or so are all "work outfits" (disclaimer: my office is super casual which means anything on the spectrum from beer t-shirts and ripped jeans to pleated skirts and pumps are all a-ok); but it also means that sometimes this happens: 
I was so pumped about these striped drawstring pants (still am but now it cold) that I forced Adriane to shoot them for me twice! Well, accidentally. I was convinced I hadn't gotten photos of them. She was like, pretty certain that I had. She was right!

And now we have what I'm calling a remix (go with it!)
KQ2A8606 (1)
KQ2A8619 (1)
KQ2A8597 (1)
KQ2A8607 (1)
KQ2A8603 (1)
| lip: Aveda Nourish-Mint in Cana | watch: c/o JORD | cuff: gift from Marisol | loafers: Zara |

Here we have the striped drawstring pants for late Summer (see the late Summer mid-day sun?) Y'all know I'm obsessed with drawstring pants, and I have wanted a striped version for some time (these are from H&M but I can't seem to find them online.) When I raced home excitedly to style them, I knew I needed to find this exact random thrifted sweater top that I hadn't worn in ages. Thankfully I hadn't given it away, and it is (clearly) my favorite pairing. Otherwise shout-out to my natural hair texture and a bright lip, so seasonal!
| trench coat: Gap Factory {similar} | lip: NYX Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Skies | loafers: Old Navy {similar} |

And with a slight tweak of accessories and outerwear, here we have striped drawstring pants for late Fall (note colorful Fall foliage.) I'm glad this trench coat has finally made it on my blog! Though a trench coat is allegedly a wardrobe staple, I don't wear mine all that much. Though I love the way it pairs with these pants! Otherwise, it's just tale as old as time: black loafers vs. gold loafers. Who's to say? 

So, which Priya wore it better? ;) 

I'm assuming you also have a crazy weekend ahead, what with all the (birthday, chicken wing, and holiday) parties and last-minute Christmas shopping? Here's to you making it through with eggnog laced with something extra and great tidings and good cheer!

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snow leopard

Wednesday, December 14

| velvet bomber jacket: Joy (London) {similar} | dress: H&M {similar} | purse: Marc Jacobs via Carina {similar} | shooties: Payless {similar} | nails: Pacifica 7 Free in Red Red Wine

click the item name for alternate wears on the blog & brand name to shop (or shop similar!) 

I only believe in one type of fate- sartorial. 

I first saw this dress at H&M here in Nashville, when I was at the mall looking for a wedding outfit. I was totally smitten by this print, as I will always, always love a great graphic print; plus it looks so Anthro, no? Needless to say, probably not the best option for a wedding, so I left it, but couldn't get these exotic cats out of my head! 

Fast-forward to a few weeks later, when I saw a girl on the subway in NYC wearing this dress! Now, I realize this is H&M and NYC so, not impossible (maybe you're not impressed), but still, of all the gin joints in all the world, she was sitting in my subway car across from me. So I went home and bought this dress. I actually had another really similar thing happen on the same trip to NYC so maybe I just need to cool it a little bit. 

Speaking of cool, my next challenge is figuring out how to wear this outfit for Winter (these pictures were taken weeks ago when it was still balmy!) I'm thinking tights for sure, and perhaps a sweater or button-up layered underneath? Hope you guys are having a great week and staying sane and snuggly!

shop this look below! photos by Adriane Smith Creative