weekend update: Wingmas, etc.

Pretty accurate snapshot of what my weekend was like! Apart from the usual, wishing for that extra day between Saturday and Sunday, no complaints.

On Friday we celebrated my dear roommate Emily's 25th birthday, with a little soiree at our house (Mariah Carey + pizza themed, naturally.) Happy Birthday Emily!! 

Saturday I spent the day with work friends old & new (and their friends) at the second annual Wingmas. We spent several hours at Edgefield Sports Bar, throwing darts, discussing Fifth Harmony, & catching up (& consuming far too many wings) and then just kept hanging out until I went to sleep that night (except we did switch to tacos, eventually.)

Then Sunday I had a Christmas-y day, picking up (and exchanging!) a few more gifts, hiking briskly at Radnor Lake, watching Love Actually, and generally running from building to building because it IS COLD. 

I think it's cold basically every where, so I hope you are staying warm and festive out there. I'm down to just two more days (!) of work before heading west to San Diego, in search of warmer weather (and my family...) I'm so ready! Christmas come soon!! 

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