2017 goals

I've been reluctant to write a "New Year's Resolutions" post because guess what? I really don't have any! What I do have are a list of goals/things I would like to do in 2017.

I hope that publishing them in this space will help me with accountability, and keep them at the front of my mind (and because I always enjoy reading other people's goals.) Here's what I'm working on this year.

+ finish paying off my car | hi Mom & Dad! I am so, so close to this. Time to be smarter with my $$ and be DONE. 
+ travel to Italy | This flight is booked! I am going with Carina the week of Labor Day and I am pumped!
+ complete the Bikini Body Guide (again), run 2x week | So far (week 3 of BBG) my new fitness regimen is going great. 
+ make some new friends | Not to say I don't LUV my existing friends, it's just time to prioritize friendship again.
+ re-brand & re-design my blog | Yeah, this is a big one! So far I've done: nothing, but step one is some brainstormin'.
work with new photographers | Again, love the ones I work with, but I'd love to branch out + reach out. 
+ read 12 books | This has been a goal for the past few years, haha. But I'm finally gonna DO it. One down! 
+ become a morning person | I think this is going to be the hardest & most life-changing one for me. So far, not great.
+ be kinder to everyone in my family | We discussed this at xmas & I'm not bad at it, but we could all stand be kinder.
+ prioritize self-care | Admittedly I am not good at relaxing (stupid, I know.) Part of this is finding the right ways to do it.
+ be a fantastic bridesmaid | So far I'm in one wedding this year, time to brush up on my Bridesmaid 101!

Just 11 tiny goals. Totally doable, right? :)

I also love the monthly small goals system, pioneered by Nicole at writes like a girl. The idea is that "breaking [your big goals] down into smaller, more manageable goals is the best way to succeed in the long-term." So while I am participating in making small goals, on the month overview page in my planner, and loving it; so far these have seemed more boring ("get my house professionally cleaned") and personal. I'm not planning to share them just yet, but that could totally change, so don't hold me to it!

What are you working toward achieving this year? If you have a a resolution or small goal post written, I would love to see it! Leave me a link, and we can cheer each other on! 

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