and besides what I've been wearing...

Well hey! I realized things have been a little quieter than normal around here, and I always feel a bit off when my blog is just about what I'm wearing. Yes it is a big part of my life (I wear clothes every day!) and yes it is and will continue to be what the majority of my content centers around. But I figure that if you're reading, you're someone (family, friends, or friends I've come to know through blogging!) that cares about more than that. Plus honestly it's a good way for me to stop and think, "What has life been like lately?"

Life has been full and good. Things at work have been non-stop since January. I feel like I'm finally, really coming into my own in the position I moved over to about a year ago. My days are packed and they go by really quickly- sometimes as I leave the office I feel like my ears are ringing a little bit with the day's activity! I love the team I work with and what I've been able to do lately. And per usual, busy workdays lead to not much screen time otherwise- which is ok with me!

Then it seems like I've had something every.single.evening after work for the last month straight. Drinks, dates, dinners, girlfriends, old friends, new friends, side-hustles, and work events, with maybe A free night thrown in somewhere. Phew!

Weekends have been a mix of both and really, pretty blissful. I've gotten into a bit of a routine, and have been loving the Sunday afternoons where I sit at home with an endless cup of coffee, music playing, windows open and several books/notebooks (+ my trusty planner) strewn around. This is before or after a long run outside because the weather has been so nice lately!

The pictures above are a pretty good representation of some random fun stuff that has happened lately (you know, the stuff you want to blog about but it’s not like a full post.) I celebrated Valentine’s Day by going to the Ariana Grande show with friends, I went to the ultimate pizza party, I made a King Cake for a viewing party for the premiere of Lifetime’s Britney Spears documentary-film (that's big news- I have, somehow recently become a Britney Spear's super-fan. My celeb gossip guilty pleasure has been getting out of hand!)

One of my goals for 2017 was to prioritize self-care, which I admittedly am not very good at. Maybe it’s all activity, but I feel like I’ve been spending a LOT of time getting ready lately. And you know what? Vain as this may sound, I’ve really been enjoying it. Taking that time to pamper myself, in a fluffy robe, and often re-set in the middle of a busy day has surprisingly become something I look forward to! I’ve done a liiitle bit of regular shopping and beauty shopping (full re-cap to come at the end of the month!) which makes this part even more exciting.

Another goal that I’m getting really close to (and super excited about!) is my blog re-brand. She’s coming, y’all. I am working with a very talented friend on a new header, and have just about chosen a new template! I just can’t wait to share it with you guys! Stay tuned!

I try to keep things pretty light around here, but I’ve really been feeling, for the first time in about a year, that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be right now. I'm convinced contentment is the best feeling in the world- I'm not completely there yet, but I’m feeling good. And I feel a lot better after sharing a general life update in this space, always! Thanks for reading, & I would love to hear what's going on behind the scenes in your life, too! 

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