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| lip: Wet ‘n Wild Liquid Catsuit in Nice To Fuchsia | crown necklace: Tiffany’s | dress: Vinnie Louise Nashville {similar} | sweater: H&M {similar} | socks: Target {similar} | boots: Doc Martens |

How do you determine if you have an obsessive personality? I mean, without science (I hate when people explain things to me using science.) If you have information regarding this, let me know. Or as my brothers would say, “Allow me to Google that for you.”

I’m obviously obsessed with the 90’s- and could this outfit be any more 90’s?? I’m actually more obsessed with the 80’s- but that’s a different matter. I was actually alive in the 90’s, and I think I was doing pretty well back then; but I have this theory that I would have absolutely freaking thrived if I were alive in the 80’s. I mean- my hair was meant for this decade. When I go on dates I actually like to ask the question “If you had to pick between 80’s or 90’s music for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?” (You know, just a fun, casual, icebreaker question.) Truly there isn’t a wrong answer- not with me anyways- what I’m really looking for is passion, maybe more specifically that they take this matter extremely seriously. The more worked up they get, the better.

But back to this look! I vaguely included this dress in my monthly round-up for March. Vinnie Louise has emerged as my new favorite boutique in town- it’s casual, trendy, and really reasonably priced! Nothing is worse than coming across a thin cheapy dress at a boutique that’s like $88- no thanks. I really want to write a guide to my current favorite shops in town (stay tuned!) There is really nothing I love more than a day dress and when I came across this in the shop, I couldn’t un-see it paired with my Docs- IS THIS REALLY THEIR BLOG DEBUT??

Guys. In an effort to not make this post too ramble-y, I’ll save my Docs story for another time. And oh there is a story. Every style has a story.

On a personal note- we are hosting our annual conference at work this week! It kicks off today and goes through Friday, and then I am headed to Memphis on Saturday morning (with Amanda to visit Meredith!) So, m-m-m-madness as usual! I am actually even more excited about our conference than normal, because I'm an emcee on one of the stages this year! I've finally arrived! So, trying to be a charming professional adult and simultaneously functional human. Stay tuned. And follow along on Twitter (blog / personal) for my "professional outfits" and marketing best practices lolololol

P.S. I read recently that tying a sweater around your waist is the easiest and cheapest way to transform your entire wardrobe. You’re welcome!

P.P.S. This title obviously inspired by my favorite 90's song of all time. I loved Savage Garden then, and they have TRULY stood the test of time. Thanks guys.

P.P.P.S. If you're looking for a good 80's and 90's playlist to get you started, here ya go: 80's / 90's

Shop the look below!Photos by Adriane Smith Creative

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