Weekend Update: #KTWonginPNW


I’m back in Nashville after a whirlwind weekend in Portland, Oregon! This trip was supposed to be for business and pleasure but ended up being mostly pleasure. My plan was to work out of our Portland office on Friday and Monday and in between, celebrate #KTWonginPNW (I try to average like one bachelorette party/weekend.)

Before you say “aren’t all of your weekends a whirlwind? Isn’t your life a whirlwind?” Basically yes, but I at least tried to set myself up for success by flying out on Thursday afternoon to work an entire day before the party started. But what actually happened was that my flight got cancelled in a Delta cluster…so after a few hours at the airport, watching my hopes of making it Thursday or even Friday steadily decline, I just went home! And had about 1.5 “bonus days” that were super strange but actually great. Let me be clear- I was super bummed to have my plans ruined and miss half of the party. But I felt like I was off the grid there for a moment.

ANYWAY I made it to Portland on Saturday (I have to note that I got upgraded to first class for the first time in my life and it was THE life) for what I’ll call an ultra-marathon of a day: met the Bride Squad at a winery south of the city (I felt like I was in Europe, it was so beautiful, I could have done that all day, but we had a full itinerary!), we stopped by the Rose Garden, the original Ace Hotel (I’m such a fan) & Stumptown Coffee, an epic block of food trucks (steam buns & potstickers), and Powell’s Book Store (!!! that place is incredible!) all while celebrating the sweetest bride-to-be with a great gaggle of girls.

We stopped at the house where I was just really happy to brush my teeth, honestly, and very quickly got glammed up and turned around to go to dinner which was so wonderful. And then we got home and I could have slept anywhere!

Sunday was super chill and cozy and after French toast the bachelorettes started splitting one by one until finally just Katie & I went to Sephora to pick out the make-up for her wedding day, which I don't have to tell you I loved.

Sunday night my fantastic co-worker who I am obsessed with (and is a blogger, among other things! Hi Alison, if you’re reading this!) was sweet enough to host myself and another co-worker for dinner in “the couve” – yeah, I went to Washington for the first time! It was very great.

On Sunday I stayed in a hotel for the first time by myself! It was weird and cool. I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of things lately where I have to recite the pep talk mantra “THIS IS SO GOOD FOR YOU PRIYA!”

And finally, on Monday I walked over to the office which was SO cool- after years of working with our staff based in Portland and mailing things to the address and seeing the space on video chat, etc. It really is a great spot. And one really wonderful co-worker took me to get Nong’s chicken to hold me over for the trip back and it really did!

I was pretty delir all weekend, but I am totally charmed by Portland and can’t wait to go back, hopefully sooner rather than later and for longer than a few days. Everything we did just had the coziest feeling- I guess it’s that perpetual PNW gray.

Also I know I’ll write more about my friend Katie as she gets married next month (!!! 40 days but who’s counting!) but I truly would travel any number of miles at any hour of the day (or airline…) because she is a friend that is one in a million. Love you, Katie! (Alternate hashtags: #naughtyornice #JonGotTheFinalRose #NiceDayForAWongWedding.)

After I sleep for like 3 days, I’m ready for whatever’s next. Anyone have a bachelorette party they want me to crush next weekend? Make it a three-peat? Holler at your girl.

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