Liberty Flats + LipSense Review!

| lip: LipSense in BluRed c/o Kissable Lips by Kelsey *Use code PRIYALIPS for 5% off a starter kit or 10% off an order of $100 or more!* | 
| blouse: Forever 21 via Carina {similar} | skirt: vintage {similar} | flats: J.Crew {similar} |
| mani: Butter London in Poole | 

Hi everyone! How was your long weekend/4th of July? I’ve been dog-sitting and house-sitting and worked on Monday, so things have been low-key for me, but really I’ve been grateful to just hang around and enjoy an extra day off. I did bike downtown to catch some fireworks last night, so I didn’t skip out on festivities completely.

I was excited when, a couple months ago, a sweet reader reached out to me about reviewing LipSense! If you know literally one thing about me from this blog, it’s that I love any and all lip color (it's one of my 10 Essential Accessories, after all!)- I am always down to try a new gloss, stain, color, or product. And of course I had heard of LipSense, but mostly in the context of being invited to a Facebook group by a random friend from high school. I have a few friends that use it, but I really didn’t know much about the product itself.

If you've been living under a rock- LipSense is basically a super high quality, long-lasting, liquid lipstick. It's available in 36 shades, and is advertised as being smudge-proof, water-proof, and lasting up to 18 hours! But would it pass my Mexican street corn test? Read on to find out!

I was genuinely interested in trying out LipSense to see if it lived up to the hype. I wore it first on a pretty typical day in the life- 8 hours at the office, a trip to the gym, and dinner with a friend. Kelsey knew me well enough to suggest I try out BluRed, for a super classic red lip.
The result?
+ On the left is pretty soon after application. It is very important that you follow the directions- three coats, letting them dry in between, and letting those totally dry before applying the gloss. It's pretty neat actually- you only apply the color once, and just re-apply gloss to freshen up throughout the day. In fact, it kinda feels like you're spray painting your lips, that's how serious it is.
+ The middle is at the end of the day, after working out! Yeah, still looks pretty great (and don't I look like an angel?) I frequently wear lipstick to the gym and get it everywhere so I was pretty pleasantly surprised by this. Not only did it not get all over my water bottle and towel, I still looked fresh as heck walking out of the Y.
+ The right is after (an intentionally messy) dinner of tacos and Mexican street corn on the cob. I even left remnants of food on my face (for effect.) This will forever be referred to as the "street corn test." Wow, I can't imagine wearing basically any other lip color and it STILL looking that good after that dinner! In fact, after this I took a shower and forgot I was wearing LipSense, and it was STILL on. I then scrubbed off the remainder with my remover gloss.

The verdict:
I think LipSense is great for a wedding or other formal event, when you want your color to last and last. It performed noticeably better than even my favorite Stila Liquid Lipstick, with no flaky residue. Because of the price point, I personally wouldn't buy all 36 shades, and also, I wouldn't wear it every day because it is a PROJECT to get off. But I guess that's kinda the point? I would generally keep that in mind, if you're getting ready for a night where you'll just want to collapse in bed at the end :) I would also definitely recommend getting the removal gloss! 

Kelsey is kindly offering a discount on your order with code PRIYALIPS, and you can order through her Instagram, Facebook, or email her at {kelseycardenas@aggienetwork.com}
Thanks again Kelsey, for letting me experience LipSense!

P.S. New shoes! Aren't they adorable? Floral flats have been on my wishlist since high school, I saw someone wearing these and was totally obsessed, and remembered seeing them in the J.Crew catalog. I then stalked them for months, and got these in a sale on sale for about $50! I didn't realize how festively timed this post would be- but they are a Liberty London + J.Crew collab! What's left of that collection (these flats are sold out :/) is an absolute dream, Liberty is THE authority on floral prints (This dress! This swimsuit! This blazer! This bandana!)

I was provided with LipSense in exchange for a review, but opinions are my own! 

Shop the look below!photos by Adriane Smith Creative


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