Bridesmaid 101: Day of Do's and Don'ts

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Well gang, Bridesmaid 101 has been fun. We've talked about what the hell you should do first when someone asks you to be their bridesmaid, I made you earn your champagne for the Bachelorette party, we confirmed that Bridal Showers don't have to be a drag, and y'all had plenty to say about bridesmaid gifts you've given & loved (and I shared my list too.)

All with the end goal of being the sister you never had, remember?? Ok, or at least maybe teaching you a little something from my "time in the trenches"  as a bridesmaid. I hope it's been helpful for you, whether you're a bridesmaid rookie, the inspiration behind 27 Dresses, or anywhere in between.

To conclude my Bridesmaid 101 series, here are some general Do's and Don'ts for THE BIG DAY.

+ DO try on your entire ensemble BEFORE the day of the wedding. Your dress, obviously, but include undergarments, accessories, shoes, etc. You don't want any issues on your part detracting from any group photos!

+ DO, for the love, show up early or on time per the bride's request. She has more important things to worry about besides her bridesmaids showing up on time! And bring her some coffee, duh.

+ DON'T prioritize your getting ready too highly. I know you want to look good, but if the bride needs a pinch hitter to help with a distant relatives' make-up, or fixing her hair before the first look, that is really more important that perfecting your contour. Sorry but, it's not YOUR wedding.

+ DO be on hand/available for any last minute errands that might pop up! 

+ DO keep the tunes bumping and the mood light while getting ready! Think of yourself as the personal hypewoman of this entire wedding/marriage. Act accordingly. 

DON'T forget to stuff some tissues in your bouquet or dress. I always cry, but even if you don't, someone at the altar is gonna need them! 

DO make sure you've introduced yourself to the groomsmen & the groom's family. Maybe this is just a personal preference, but you're all a BIG part of a BIG day for people you love a lot! So you might as well know their names!

+ DON'T grimace when you're walking down the aisle! I know it can be a bit nerve-wracking and there's a lot going on between not tripping over your dress/heels, walking slowly, and linking arms with a hunky groomsman, but, you're having fun and you're happy to be celebrating your friends, right? 

+ DON'T read your speech if you're making one (also, congrats to you!) This is also personal preference, but I always find speeches that are more free-flowing and off the cuff to be a lot more heart-felt. An outline on notecards is ok! I just don't enjoy hearing someone read four pages.

+ DO open up the dance floor, if it needs a little help getting the party started. Hypewoman, remember? 

+ DON'T forget to snap a selfie with the bride & groom! I have embarrassingly forgotten to do this at a few weddings I've been in (oops!)

+ DO make sure the bride & groom are taken care of throughout the reception (have a drink in their hand, get a plate of food, bride gets bustled, etc.) 

+ DON'T leave the reception before the Bride & Groom make their exit. Duh!

+ DON'T bail on any clean-up that might be required of you. I know it's kinda a drag because you've been wearing heels for a loooong day, but the new couple appreciates this so much and it's kinda your job. 

And that's a wrap! What are your day of do's and don'ts? Thanks for following along with Bridesmaid 101! 

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