Hellloooo! Here with a little Festive Friday 'Fit for you!

It has taken me until this WEEK to make it to a pumpkin patch- but not for lack of trying! The weather has been mostly incredible, but I've gotten rained out twice, and the other time was just toddler-ed out/no pets allowed. I tweeted this earlier but pumpkins in general might be as basic as you can get, but if you don't think tiny pumpkins are cute, you don't have a soul. Right?!
| sunnies: ban.do {similar} | earrings: Zara {similar} | lipstick: Wet n Wild MegaLast in Ravin' Raisin | sweater: H&M | skirt: H&M {similar} | socks: Target {similar} | booties: Rag & Bone

For the first time I think ever on this blog- this outfit is comprised of entirely new stuff! Woohoo! I can talk about all of it, foreverrr (that's what this blog is about), but, high points: give me all the puff ball earrings forever and ever amen. Aren't these little sunglasses cute and ridiculous, too? If you're looking for accessories that are just FUN and a little zany, I love ban.do so much (earrings are from Zara but ban.do has puff balls + MORE [like, I need those hot sauce earrings.])

And finally- the booties! If these look familiar to you, it might be because I have them in navy. It could also be because they are Rag & Bone and the absolute shit. My sister lent/gave me the navy pair, and in my never-ending quest to find the perfect pair of black booties (no seriously a harrowing LOL quest) I just decided to go for it. And Shop Bop had a sale! I will probably never shut up about them and I promise you'll see them a lot more because I've been wearing them non-stop! I mean, I have to, I can't afford to buy any other shoes teehee (I did end up treating myself recently. Which...I might write about at some point :) )

I am allll about a half-tuck- it keeps a look flattering without being too stuffy or buttoned up. But it can be so difficult with a bulky sweater! I feel like this adds about 15 pounds on me (not to mention, lumps.) Any tips on making this work?? I even cut side slits on this sweater on my way out the door that morning (with scissors- sorry Mom!)

Also sorry that every single picture in this post is a different shade. Never claimed to be a photographer. Bye! 

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