Small Goals / November 2017

Central Park this weekend!

I've only consistently adopted the "small goals" practice this year (with Nicole as my inspo), and I haven't really been blogging about mine, because I've found them to be too insignificant, too boring, or too personal. Well, I've had a lot going on lately, and this is a pretty great way to keep yourself on track!

Here are my small goals from October + my report card:

1. Catch up on my phone bill | DONE! I'm still on a family plan, which comes with the luxury of sometimes slipping behind. I paid my *increased bill (I'm paying for my new phone now, too) through the year's end!
2. Badass costume | Done-ish. I did actually dress up for Halloween for the first time in years (besides our haunted house), but my Little Mac costume was not my best work. I'm giving partial credit on this one.
3. Festive activities! | DONE! I could write a post about the festive things I did this month- carved a pumpkin, made soup, watched a scary movie, created/spooked in a haunted house, lit some festive candles...I keep saying it was the best Halloween in recent years and I know this was part of it!
4. Make a budget & stick to it | I haven't talked about this yet- I'm starting with a strict # for clothes/make-up, and while I didn't shop a lot, I didn't quite stick to it this month. Rolling this into November.
5. Make Thanksgiving plans & book flight | DONE! I am so so so excited about this. I still have some details to finalize (read on) but I at least have flights and an outline of plans. It can't come soon enough!

Here's what I'm working on in November:

1. Find & go to the Dentist | Since getting on my own health insurance back in June, I haven't been due for a dentist's appointment, until now! I've actually been going to a dentist in Nashville for a bit so I'm hoping this is an easy switch.
2. Stick to clothing/make-up budget | I am easing myself into a real life adult budget by starting with the expendables. Would you believe me if I told you 6 days into the month I've already spent it all..?
3. Plan wine tasting trip | It's nearly time for the annual Pappu & Friends Post-Thanksgiving Wine Tasting Trip. And of course I'm planning it.
4. Mini cleanse | Lol, back to back with ^ lots of events, traveling, Halloween, etc. have left me feeling like it's time for another food & drink cleanse. Probably just a small one before Thanksgiving. I just bought a new cookbook that I think will really help with this!
5. Closet swap & clean-out | This was a Halloweekend goal that didn't happen. It's time! To swap Summer clothes out for Fall, and simultaneously clean out my closet, tossing things I don't wear, don't need, or that don't align with my style currently. I also have lots to list on Poshmark. This is kind a big project that I look forward to twice/year.

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